Is Etiwanda High School Good?

Is Etiwanda High School Good?

Etiwanda High School is ranked #2,255 in the National Rankings. Schools are ranked on their performance on state-required tests, graduation and how well they prepare students for college. Read more about how we rank the Best High Schools.

How old is Etiwanda High School?

ABOUT ETIWANDA HIGH SCHOOL Etiwanda opened in September 1983 with two classes and celebrated the first graduating class in 1985. The current enrollment is approximately 3,400 students in grades nine through twelve.

When was Etiwanda High School built?

1983Etiwanda High School / Founded

How many kids are at Etiwanda High School?

The total enrollment at Etiwanda High School is 3296 students, making it a very large high school, in the top 10% of all California high schools by size.

Does Etiwanda High School have a pool?

Etiwanda High School Aquatic Facility – In Progress.

How many students go to Etiwanda?

The student population of Etiwanda Intermediate is 1,287 and the school serves 6-8. At Etiwanda Intermediate, 56% of students scored at or above the proficient level for math, and 64% scored at or above that level for reading.

What NFL players attended Etiwanda High School?

All Players

Player Pos Teams
Marvin Jones WR CIN,DET,JAX
Chris Barker OG NWE
J.J. Unga OL BUF

Who attended Etiwanda High School?

Two NBA players return home to Etiwanda High School for alumni game; see video highlights. Jeff Pendergraph and Darren Collison have reached their goal of playing in the National Basketball Association.

What is the biggest high school in CA?

Paramount High School
1. Paramount High School. Paramount High School is massive. And with 4,814 students, it’s the largest public high school in California.

Is Etiwanda a city?

Etiwanda is the easternmost of three formerly unincorporated communities that became part of Rancho Cucamonga, California, in 1977.

What city is Etiwanda School District?

Etiwanda School District
6061 East Avenue Etiwanda , California, 91739 United States
District information
Type Public

What schools are in the Etiwanda School District?


  • Carleton P. Lightfoot Elementary School.
  • Caryn Elementary School.
  • Cecilia L. Solorio Elementary School.
  • David W. Long Elementary School.
  • East Heritage Elementary School.
  • Etiwanda Colony Elementary School.
  • Falcon Ridge Elementary School.
  • Grapeland Elementary School.

What is Etiwanda named after?

History. In November 1881 George and William Chaffey purchased the land from Joseph Garcia, a retired Portuguese sea captain. The town was named for a Native American tribe living on the shores of Lake Michigan. As the first town planned by the Chaffey brothers, Etiwanda became their test bed.

Where does the name Etiwanda come from?

The brothers named their “Model Colony” after their home province, Ontario, Canada. This was a year after they purchased 560 acres from Captain Joseph Garcia and an additional 500 acres of land nearby. They named this settlement Etiwanda, after a Canadian Indian Chief.

How many schools are in Etiwanda School District?

13 elementary schools
Etiwanda continued to grow and currently has 13 elementary schools and four intermediate schools, serving over 13,000 students. The rich history of the Etiwanda school system and the value of education have always played an important part in this community.

What day does Etiwanda School District start?

August 2021
Event Date
First Day of School – Minimum Day for All Schools 9
Minimum Day for All Schools 9
Minimum Day for Elementary Schools 16