Is Geissele trigger worthwhile?

Is Geissele trigger worthwhile?

Great quality trigger worth every penny. Nice crisp break and it makes follow up shots easy. Another great tool for your toolbox on an AR platform.

What is a national match trigger?

Hi-Speed National Match Triggers These adjustable triggers are specially-designed for competition, hunting, duty use, where both accuracy and robustness are critical. The shooter can tune the High Speed National Match to their preferences, including first and second stage pull weight, over-travel, and sear engagement.

What Geissele trigger does the MIlitary use?

Pick My Trigger

MIlitary Law Enforcement
Single Stage Precision (SSP) M4 Curve Flat Bow
Super 3 Gun (S3G) Super Dynamic 3 Gun (SD-3G)
Super SCAR
Super Select Fire (SSF®)

Who owns Geissele triggers?

Amy Lynn Geissele
ALG Defense® is a woman owned company that was founded by Amy Lynn Geissele in 2012. ALG Defense® manufactures and designs custom rails and triggers for both governmental and non-governmental customers.

Are Geissele rifles any good?

For cost to value, Tarr believes Geissele’s new Super Duty rifles are the best on the market. This is a 16-inch version with OD Green anodizing. Geissele Automatics is one of those companies whose impact on the firearms market is much larger than their sales would indicate.

Are Geissele rifles good?

Who makes best AR-15 trigger?

The Best AR-15 Trigger on the Market Today

  • RISE Armament RAVE 140.
  • Timney Triggers AR-15 Competition Trigger.
  • PSA Custom AR Match Grade Drop-In Trigger.
  • RISE Armament LE145 Tactical Trigger.
  • CMC Triggers Duty Patrol Single-Stage Trigger.
  • CMC Triggers AR-15 Tactical Single-Stage Trigger.
  • Triggertech AR-15 Combat Trigger.

Who uses Geissele?

US Army Special Operations Command
The Geissele Super Duty Rifle, a high-end rifle in the world of AR-15s, is virtually a clone of the rifle the company makes for US Army Special Operations Command.