Is Gotham Season 2 GOOD?

Is Gotham Season 2 GOOD?

Gotham comes back for its second season even better than before. Featuring an ever-expanding cast of fascinating characters, the story arcs contained in this latest season are even more compelling than what we got from the show’s onset. August 18, 2016 | Rating: 4.5/5 | Full Review…

What age is appropriate for Gotham?

This show earned a TV-MA (17+) rating on Netflix only for the violence and gore. I recommend this show for kids 16+ or if they are mature like 11+ but only if they are mature.

Was Gotham successful?

With a strong fanbase and 5 – 6 million average viewers after two long seasons on the air, clearly the “bastardized” Batman origin series has found a foothold – despite the objections of many hardcore Batman fans. Here’s why Gotham has been so successful.

Why is Gotham so good?

Through a clever combination of comic canon and the shows own originality, Gotham introduces to viewers a mass number of characters and plotlines that will have even the hardcore comic fans curious as to what is going to happen next!

Is Gotham season 3 good?

Overall, the third season of Gotham doesn’t quite feel as tightly woven as last year. There’s some nice ideas here but its dampened by a fear of killing off any of the key characters. The show loses tension because of this and the storyline varies wildly through the season from excellent to questionable.

Is Gotham series popular?

Is Gotham gory?

Most killings are quite bloody and gruesome. A man’s arm severed with a large knife and the inside of the arm is shown with blood flowing from within. A lot of shootings. Some of the shootings are graphic in the fact that blood sprays out of the bullet wounds.

Is Gotham series a hit?

Is Gotham season 4 good?

Gotham is certainly best enjoyed binging and Season 4 finally brings the show back to where it hit its peak during its second season.

Is season 5 of Gotham good?

As it begins its fifth and final season, then, Gotham proves it deserves a spot on that list. Season 5 will be the last for television’s most unpredictable comics-based show, and the premiere made it clear that the remaining episodes will be as wild as fans have come to expect.

Is Gotham a hit?

Is Gotham a disturbing?

Brilliant, clever, VERY violent. Writing having seen all seasons. Violence: 5/5- Disturbing, graphic violence. Bloody shootings.