Is Guntec a good brand?

Is Guntec a good brand?

When it comes to ARs, as well as other firearms, one of the best candy stores out there is Guntec USA, based in Scottsdale, Arizona. For almost three decades, this company has been manufacturing and distributing all sorts of tactical accessories and parts combining high quality and reasonable pricing.

Is Guntec Made in USA?

All our products are made in the United States of America.

Are Guntec parts good?

I have found that Guntec parts are of good quality, especially for the price. The Micro Breach pistol brace falls into this category also. The Micro Breach is a blade style brace. A blade style brace has a triangle piece that sticks down from the AR buffer tube.

Is the m lok free floating?

With the Guntec USA AR-15 Ultra Lightweight Thin M-LOK Free Floating Handguard w/ Monolithic Top Rail, your shooting experience will be increased beyond what you ever thought was possible, due to its tight fit and ability to provide an unyielding grip.

What is a 15 M-Lok?

M-Lok is an attachment system that allows you to add an accessory to a rifle or other firearm. In that way, it’s not a new idea. M-Lok was developed by Magpul to offer shooters a more streamlined means of attaching accessories to firearms.

What’s the difference between quad rail and M-Lok?

M-Lok is much newer than Quad rails and accessories for them are not as plentiful (soon to be rectified). To mount something to an M-Lok handguard you need an accessory that was made for M-Lok (fewer options). Or you have to put a rail where you want it to be and then mount the accessory to that rail.

What is the point of MLOK?

What Quad Rail does the military use?

Both the M4 and the M16A4 feature “quad” Picatinny rail handguard systems made by Knight’s Armament Company that have remained in use since they were introduced in the early 2000s.

Does the US military use M-Lok?

This isn’t the first time our military has gone with M-Lok. In September, Heckler & Koch was told the U.S. Army wants its Compact Semi-Automatic Sniper Systems to be equipped with the Geissele Super Modular HK Rail, which features the system.