Is Haas MBA competitive?

Is Haas MBA competitive?

How hard is it to get into Haas’s MBA program? The acceptance rate for Haas is 13.2% It is important to consider the acceptance rate in the context of the student profile of those who are admitted. For example the average GMAT score is 726.

Is Berkeley Haas a good MBA program?

Ranking. The Financial Times ranks Haas the seventh best business school in USA and tenth in the world, according to the FT Global MBA ranking published in January 2019. The full-time MBA and MBA for Executives secured the highest US News ranking of sixth and seventh, respectively, in its list published in March 2019.

What GPA do you need to get into Berkeley Haas?

Admission Requirements: Haas requires international applicants to be above average in academics with an average GPA of 3.65 and an average GMAT Score of 727.

Does Haas MBA require work experience?

Although not a formal requirement, virtually all of our students have two or more years of professional work experience since the completion of their bachelor’s degrees. The average years of post-university work experience for those admitted is just over 5 years.

Is Haas an MBA stem?

Following close in the footsteps of Carnegie Mellon’s Tepper School of Business, the UC Berkeley Haas MBA program has received a STEM Designation for all its MBA programs. STEM (covered in detail here) stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

What GMAT score do I need for Haas?

Berkeley Haas MBA Class Profile

Class Size 291
GMAT Median 730
GMAT Minimum 690
GMAT Maximum 760
GPA Average 3.67

How long is Berkeley MBA full time?

21 months
Compare Berkeley Haas MBA Programs

Full-time MBA
DURATION Full-time MBA21 months
CLASS SCHEDULE Full-time MBAMonday–Thursday
COST Full-time MBA$150,871 for out-of-state $135,407 for residents3

What makes Haas MBA unique?

While “innovation” is not limited just to high tech, a key distinction at Berkeley-Haas is the focus on technology. Haas sent an impressive 38% of the Class of 2015 into the tech sector, which leads all top-tier MBA programs including Stanford, MIT Sloan, and UCLA Anderson.

How long is Berkeley MBA full-time?

Does Berkeley prefer GRE or GMAT?

You must submit recent scores for either the GMAT or the GRE. The school has no preference as to which test you take. Again, the average GMAT score for UC Berkeley is 727 and the average GRE score is a 161 Verbal and 161 Quant.

Is Berkeley better than UPenn?

But: Berkeley has consistently ranked among the top 10 since US News ranks schools, while UPenn (much like NYU) has climbed the rankings more recently (I’m not saying this is something to be ashamed of – just that choosing Berkeley your prestige investment looks more stable in a long period prospect).

How hard is it to get into Berkeley MBA?

With an acceptance rate of 12.9%, UC Berkeley has a highly selective MBA programs with a class size of just around 300 students. Consistently ranking among the top B-schools, Berkeley’s Haas attracts diverse talent from around the world.

Why is Haas a good business school?

Innovation and social responsibility. Haas has a tremendous emphasis on technology management—including new thinking in cleantech and sustainability—though students interested in many other areas, including consulting and finance, are also set up for success after going through its program.

Where do Berkeley-Haas students live?

Berkeley-Haas students live both on campus and off campus, in Berkeley and nearby Oakland, with a few commuting from San Francisco. Most MBA students end up living in North Berkeley, as South Berkeley tends to draw more undergrads.

Why did you get admission to Berkeley Haas?

We have offered you admission to Berkeley Haas because you already embody our Defining Leadership Principles: In your career, you have asked yourself, isn’t there a better way of doing this? That’s Question the Status Quo. You know that you will have the greatest impact by working with and through others.

What are the admission requirements for Berkeley Haas School of business?

All applicants are required to take the GMAT, GRE, or EA* exam. We will accept official scores for GMAT, GRE, or EA exams taken as early as October 2016 for 2022 applicants. Berkeley Haas keeps test score reports on file for two years, and there is no minimum acceptable score.

How would you like to congratulate the dean of Berkeley Haas?

As the Dean of Berkeley Haas, I personally want to congratulate you on your admission to our Evening & Weekend Berkeley MBA Program, Class of 2025. Our Berkeley MBA program offers the kind of transformative experience that will allow you to make a greater impact on the world, regardless of which industry or function you aspire to.

Why apply to evening&weekend Berkeley MBA programs?

The Evening & Weekend Berkeley MBA admissions team takes a holistic approach to reviewing applications, seeking to understand all aspects of a candidate’s character, qualifications, and experiences. All interested candidates are encouraged to apply. Applying begins with our secure online application.