Is Hard Light a good weapon?

Is Hard Light a good weapon?

Hard Light is an exotic auto rifle that’s been around since the original Destiny, but it’s always been an average-at-best weapon to use for an exotic slot. It’s a high RPM, over-penetrating auto rifle with no damage falloff and projectiles that ricochet off surfaces.

Is the hard light a kinetic weapon?

Hard Light is a high-tech exotic energy auto rifle in Destiny….

Hard Light
Ammunition type: Omolon liquid bullets
Fire mode: Automatic
Rate of fire: 600 RPM
Damage: Kinetic (Destiny 1) Energy (Destiny 2)

Is Hard Light good for PVE?

In PVE the Hard Light Catalyst is monstrous. The damage falloff is higher, the ricochet damage is higher, and it’s stable enough to wield. The same principle in PVP applies in PVE, those behind cover, keeping heads down, and shredding hordes. It’s a solid weapon that’s great for beginners.

Is Hard Light catalyst good?

The Hard Light Catalyst increases the Exotic Auto Rifle’s stability by 18, which makes it much easier to control and aim the weapon while firing. This can become useful when you tend to continuously fire at enemies, making it also a good bonus since you need to be accurate when aiming for ricocheting rounds.

Is Hard Light getting nerfed?

Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy is in full swing, but one weapon is getting a hefty nerf with the game’s latest hotfix. Hard Light, an auto rifle with the ability to bounce shots off of hard surfaces, has been popular in the game since Auto Rifles got a buff in the most recent sandbox update.

Is the hard light Good Destiny 2 2021?

What makes it one of the best? Hard Light has evolved from a Crucible only weapon into a powerhouse in every single game mode. While it was a bit stronger a few seasons ago, it still serves as an exotic alternative similar to the Gnawing Hunger.

What is the best kinetic weapon?

Best Kinetic weapons in Destiny 2: Tier list

Name Type Slot
Firefright Auto Rifle Kinetic
Tears of Contrition Scout Rifle Kinetic
Osteo Striga Submachine Gun Kinetic
The Messenger Pulse Rifle Kinetic

What is the best DPS weapon in Destiny 2?

Heavy Weapons

Weapon Type Archetype Burst DPS
Machine Gun Adaptive 8,595
Machine Gun High-Impact 7,938
Grenade Launcher Anarchy 5,777
Combat Bow Leviathan’s Breath 14,151

Is Hard Light exotic good?

Hard Light is an Exotic Auto Rifle. This weapon can be acquired as a random reward from the Crucible or PvE content, or from Xûr for 23 Strange Coins. The good: High rate of fire, Volatile Light perk is fun. The bad: Impact and range are low.

Is 2020 Hard Light good?

It’s been in a really good place: 600rpm auto rifles are generally great right now; Hard Light had no damage falloff over long ranges; its shots bounce off surfaces and even pick up extra damage after bouncing; and it’s stable when firing.

Does hard light have infinite range?

Auto rifles were buffed in Destiny 2’s last big sandbox update, and it didn’t take players long to deduce that Hard Light – an Exotic auto rifle which already had high stability, infinite effective range, and unique ricocheting rounds – was suddenly one of the top dogs in both PvE and PvP.