Is Honda S660 Electric?

Is Honda S660 Electric?

Recently, Honda announced that it will be pulling the plug on the S660’s production in March 2022. There isn’t likely to be a new-generation internal combustion replacement, and its successor could be an all-electric offering.

What is the engine on a S660?

The S660 is powered by the same turbocharged 658 cc S07A Turbo engine used in the N-One with some mechanical improvements.

What engine is in a Honda S660?

660cc three-cylinder petrol engine
As the name suggests, the S660 is powered by a 660cc three-cylinder petrol engine that produces just 47kW and 104Nm. The engine is mid-mounted and powers the rear wheels, just like an NSX.

How much CC is Honda S660?

658 cc
Honda S660

Honda S660 (JW5)
Engine 658 cc S07A turbo I3
Power output 47 kW (63 hp; 64 PS)
Transmission 6-speed manual CVT with 7-speed simulation

Can I buy a Honda S660 in the UK?

Absolutely. At the time of writing, we just took delivery of one of these cool Kei cars. Powered by a 660cc three-cylinder engine the Honda S660 isn’t winning any awards for speed – but it doesn’t weigh much. We think like you probably do that it’s so silly that the Honda S660 isn’t sold in the UK.

How much horsepower does a S670 have?

373 hp

Engine type 9.0 L/548 cu in.
Rated speed 2,200 rpm
Rated power 292/278 kW/391/373 hp
Power boost @ rated speed 25 kW/34 hp
Fuel capacity 950 L/250 gal.

Is S660 rear wheel drive?

The Honda S660 is a two-seat targa sports car in the kei class manufactured by the Japanese manufacturer Honda with a transverse mid-engine and rear-wheel-drive layout.

What engine is in the S670?


Displacement 549.3 cu in (0 m)
Engine Model John Deere 6-cyl. 9.0 L
Number of Cylinders 6
Power 500.3 hp (373 kw)
Power Boost Power 45.6 hp (34 kw)

Is Honda S660 discontinued?

Honda announced the discontinuation of its two-seater convertible, the S660, in March 2022, adding a final special model dubbed the “S660 Modulo X Version Z”.

What engines fit in a Honda Beat?

Honda Beat

Honda Beat (PP1)
Layout Transverse mid-engine, rear-wheel drive
Engine 656 cc (40.0 cu in) E07A MTREC I3
Transmission 5-speed manual