Is Hutchins Texas a good place to live?

Is Hutchins Texas a good place to live?

Hutchins Reviews Hutchins is a nice place to live full of friendly people. Very relaxing in the mornings as the town is pretty quiet! Nice rural community within driving distance of downtown Dallas. Up-and-coming suburb with affordable housing and new neighborhoods.

How far is El Paso and Dallas?

Distance between El Paso and Dallas is 917 kilometers (570 miles). Driving distance from El Paso to Dallas is 1022 kilometers (635 miles).

How far is Dallas and San Antonio?

Distance between Dallas and San Antonio is 407 kilometers (253 miles). Driving distance from Dallas to San Antonio is 442 kilometers (275 miles).

How far is Houston and Dallas from each other?

Distance between Houston and Dallas is 363 kilometers (225 miles). Driving distance from Houston to Dallas is 385 kilometers (239 miles).

Is El Paso TX a good place to live?

While living in a border city may have cons and bad stereotypes, El Paso is actually ranked as one of the safest cities in the United States. In fact, the city is consistently praised for its low crime rate and low levels of violence. Many Americans can be seen traveling from El Paso to Cuidad Juarez regularly.

What city is closest to Dallas?

Major cities near Dallas, TX

  • 18 miles to Plano, TX.
  • 18 miles to Arlington, TX.
  • 31 miles to Fort Worth, TX.
  • 182 miles to Austin, TX.
  • 190 miles to Oklahoma City, OK.
  • 224 miles to Houston, TX.
  • 238 miles to Tulsa, OK.
  • 252 miles to San Antonio, TX.

Is Austin closer to Houston or Dallas?

Austin encompasses 272 square miles along the Colorado River in central Texas 200 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. The capitol city is 200 miles southwest of Dallas 162 miles west of Houston 90 miles north of San Antonio and is the center of the major metropolitan area of Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos.

Why are people moving to El Paso?

Low cost of living. One of the best reasons to move to El Paso is for its low cost of living. If you are looking for a place to get more bang for your buck then there is no need to look any further. In fact, the cost of living in El Paso is 10% lower than that of the national average.

Does Dallas have a lake?

Lake Lewisville This massive lake northwest of Dallas has over 230 miles of shoreline. It’s one of the most popular lakes to visit and has several means of access. The water offers opportunities for all types of boating.

Does Dallas have an ocean?

Think there are no beaches in Dallas, Texas? Well, guess what? There’s actually one beach located within the limits of Dallas: White Rock Lake Park. Although swimming isn’t allowed on this beach, there are plenty of exciting family-friendly activities at this park.