Is it easy to get a 9 in GCSE PE?

Is it easy to get a 9 in GCSE PE?

As long as you do well in your tests, it will be fairly easy to get 10-15 marks of the 25 per sport. So a 7-9 is very feasible, even if you are bad at sports but good at academics.

Is PE GCSE hard?

It’s really tough. The new GCSE has 60% theory compared with 40% in the old GCSE.

Is PE a good GCSE to take?

If you see yourself as a practical, active person, GCSE P.E. is the way to go! This subject is really suited to a variety of career paths; therefore, I have placed it as number three on this list.

What percentage is a 9 in GCSE PE?

12.1 per cent
The proportion of grade 9 results achieved by PE students, equivalent to a high A* under the old GCSE system, rose to 12.1 per cent, compared to 8.4 per cent in 2020 and 3.8 per cent in 2019. You can find the full list of 2021 GCSE results tables by subject here.

Is PE the easiest GCSE?

The researchers found that, regardless of ability, students were more likely to gain good grades in the easier subjects than in chemistry or French. Drama was the easiest GCSE to do well in, followed by PE/sport, media studies, English, sociology, English literature, business studies and religious studies.

What options can you pick in year 9?

Year 9 GCSE Options

  • English. Maths. Combined Science.
  • Art & Design. Business. Computer Science.
  • Design & Technology. Drama. Economics.
  • Food Preparation & Nutrition. Geography. History.
  • Modern Foreign Languages (French, German, Spanish) Music. Physical Education.

Is getting a PE worth it?

When you earn a PE, your status is something that can set you up for success now, and in the future. As licensed professionals, PEs often command greater respect from the public. And in the engineering community that understands PE status the best, those that hold a PE are highly respected. Career development.