Is it hard to get Pearl Jam tickets?

Is it hard to get Pearl Jam tickets?

Fans cannot get tickets unless they’re willing to pay extremely jacked bot prices and Ticketmaster should be investigated by the SEC and broken up. It’s a conglomerate rip-off. By c. c. Registered as a verified fan to get Pearl Jam tickets for Fresno.

How much do Pearl Jam tickets usually cost?

Typically, Pearl Jam tickets can be found for as low as $120.00, with an average price of $157.00.

How much are Pearl Jam 2022 tours?

Pearl Jam Tickets 2022: Ticket Prices and Gigaton Tour Details

09/06/2022 Hamilton, ON, CA $172
09/08/2022 Toronto, ON, CA $131
09/11/2022 New York, NY $589
09/14/2022 Camden, NJ $135

How do I get Pearl Jam presale tickets?

There will be two main ways to shop for tickets:

  1. Pearl Jam Ten Club Members-Only* Presale powered by Ticketmaster Request — tap here to get started.
  2. Pearl Jam Onsale powered by Ticketmaster Verified Fan® — tap here to register.

Why can’t I sell my Pearl Jam tickets?

“Pearl Jam has a long-standing commitment to protecting and advocating for their fans, and keeping ticket prices fair is central to that promise. To ensure tickets are not offered to fans above face value, the band decided that all tickets for their tour would not be transferable to avoid resale at inflated prices.

Does Pearl Jam sell out?

From its inception in 1990 to 2018, the band sold 85 million albums worldwide. Pearl Jam is one of the most recognized bands from the grunge rock era, and the group continues to sell out tours today.

What is fan-to-fan resale on Ticketmaster?

Fan-to-fan resale will allow verified fans to buy and sell tickets for face value or less, plus fees. Once sold, the tickets will be reissued to the buyer and completely verified by Ticketmaster.

Why do bands still use Ticketmaster?

Ticketmaster sells more tickets than anybody else, and it’s the biggest company in the ticket-selling game. That gives it certain financial resources that smaller companies don’t have.

Is Ticketmaster and AXS the same?

AXS and Ticketmaster are separate companies. AXS is the official ticketing site of The O2. Ticketmaster will be the only place selling VIP Tickets though.