Is KY jelly the same as Surgilube?

Is KY jelly the same as Surgilube?

K-Y. Surgilube is a lubricating jelly used as a medical lubricant and for personal lubricant applications. Surgilube is comparable to KY Jelly or Astroglide. Like KY Jelly, Surgilube lubricating jelly is recommended for situations where a sterile, water-soluble, non-staining lubricating jelly is required.

What is Surgilube used for?

Surgilube® is a sterile, water-soluble, latex-free jelly intended to facilitate entry of a diagnostic or therapeutic device into a body orifice by reducing friction between the device and the body orifice. Surgilube is mostly used for gynecological and urological procedures.

Is Surgilube antibacterial?

Wound Care Agent, Antibacterial Cleansing Agent, Antibacterial.

Can you use Surgilube as lube?

Yes. Surgilube® is the most widely accepted sterile lubricant on the market and is used for numerous medical applications, including but not limited to: Colonoscopy. Enema Insertion.

Is Surgilube over the counter?

Surgilube® is available for purchase at medical supply stores across the country as well as online retailers, such as Amazon.

What lubricant doctors use?

Medical lubricants help ease discomfort in patients and make it quicker and easier for surgeons, doctors, and medical practitioners to perform certain medical and surgical procedures. Medicinal castor oil, Surgilube, Lignocaine, and even K-Y jelly are popular surgical lubricants.

What is Surgilube made of?

Surgilube is a surgical lubricant made of natural water-soluble gums that also contains the antiseptic chlorhexidine gluconate.

Do doctors use KY Jelly?

Is lube safe in urethra?

Only an unbroken film of lubricant can reduce the danger of damage to the urethra by protecting the highly vulnerable urothelium from traumatizing contact with instruments; this requirement cannot be met by dipping the tip of the catheter or instrument into lubricant.

How do you lubricate a male catheter?

Apply the K-Y Jelly or another gel to the tip and top 2 inches (5 centimeters) of the catheter. (Some catheters come with gel already on them.) Another type is soaked in sterile water which makes them self-lubricated.

Can too much lube cause a UTI?

Certain brands of products, such as spermicide or scented lubricant, can increase the risk of UTIs by upsetting the bacterial makeup inside your body.

Can I use Vaseline on my catheter?

3. Don’t use petroleum jelly to lubricate your catheter. Petroleum-based jelly will not provide the same smooth catheterization that sterile, water-soluble lubricant made for catheters can. Using appropriate catheter lubricant may help make catheterization feel more comfortable for you.

Is lube safe for urethra?

National guidance recommends using a suitable lubricant from a single-use container when inserting urinary catheters to minimise the risk of infection and trauma to the urethra. However, it is unclear whether an anaesthetic or lubricating gel should be used.