Is Lise Watier married?

Is Lise Watier married?

Watier was a family-owned company; Watier’s husband, Serge Rocheleau was chairman and general manager, and daughters Nathalie and Marie-Lise worked in marketing. The brand is distributed in Canada and the United States.

Is Lise Watier Canadian?

Lise Watier’s Canadian roots run deep. Lise Watier was born in Montreal in 1942, created a self-improvement and makeup course company in 1965 and launched her own line of cosmetics in 1972. Besides building an iconic Canadian cosmetics brand, her entrepreneurial spirit has also extended to philanthropy.

Who owns Lise Watier?

Groupe Marcelle Inc.Lise Watier / Parent organization

Where is Lise Watier from?

She was born in Montreal in 1942, the only child of a father who sold cars and a mother who bought clothing for her sister’s boutique. Educated by nuns, Watier thought at first she wanted to be a nun herself, or a missionary, or perhaps a concert pianist.

Is Lise Watier natural?

Lise Watier Skin Care Highly concentrated in natural ingredients, our fresh, innovative formulas provide comfort and balance to the skin as well as pleasure to all the senses.

Is Lise Watier cruelty free?

Lise Watier This well-known Canadian cosmetics company has been around since the 70s. They have always been against animal testing and ensures product safety through “in vitro” or “self-testing” methods on humans.

Is Marcelle a Canadian company?

PROUD CANADIAN COMPANY, SINCE 1949! As a Canadian company, we are proud to say that all our products are manufactured here in Montreal. Each year, we package approximately 15,000,000 products for our four brands.

Does Lise Watier own Marcelle?

Groupe Marcelle, Canadian cosmetics developer, manufacturer and distributor, announced today its acquisition of Lise Watier Cosmétiques.

Is Lise Watier hypoallergenic?

All Marcelle products are dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic and fragrance free. A pioneering business woman, Lise Watier was one of the first women to establish herself in the Canadian cosmetics industry.

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Are Marcelle products made in Canada?

As a Canadian company, we are proud to say that all our products are manufactured here in Montreal. Each year, we package approximately 15,000,000 products for our four brands.

Who owns Annabelle Cosmetics?

Groupe Marcelle Inc.
Groupe Marcelle Inc. is a Canadian company whose head office is located in Montréal, Québec. It’s more than 400 employees work in the research, development, production and marketing of more than 1,600 Marcelle®, Lise Watier®, Annabelle® and CW Beggs and Sons® products distributed in over 3,500 stores across Canada.

Is Lise Watier good for sensitive skin?

Lise Watier | Gentle Rose Petal Scrub ($26 CAD for 150 ml): With a fairly thick and viscous base, the sugar particles are sparsely distributed so the scrub is very gentle. I personally would have preferred a more scrubby formulation but I can see this working well for those with sensitive skin.

Is Marcelle made in Canada?

Is Marcelle owned by Lise Watier?

Is Marcelle a Canadian brand?

Is Marcelle good brand?

With 50 skin care and colour cosmetic products recognized by the Canadian Dermatology Association Skin Health Program, Marcelle is the most certified brand in Canada.

Is Marcelle makeup a good brand?