Is Meepo a good hero?

Is Meepo a good hero?

A decent Meepo player can single-handedly dominate a match by themselves. While it may sound unfair for a single hero to have that kind of impact, Meepo is far from being a “solo” hero. His ability to clone himself up to four times makes him one of the game’s most unique heroes.

How do you play Meepo well?

The key to playing Meepo effectively is to micromanage the clones and have them accomplish things all across the map simultaneously. For instance, the clones can be individually commanded to stack neutral camps, and then congregated to farm them, all while another Meepo is last-hitting lane creeps.

What Lane does Meepo?

midlane position
Role in the game This is why it is best to play Meepo in the midlane position, in rare cases, he is also viable as a carry. The purpose of Meepo in the game is to quickly farm levels and items and then use his net worth and experience advantage to finish games quickly. His power timings are around 18th to 30th minutes.

How do you counter Meepo?


  1. Some of Meepo’s best counters focus on singling out a Meepo from his clones. Shallow Grave can save a low health Meepo clone when he is in a pickle.
  2. Shadow Wave heals multiple Meepos at once, making him survive longer.
  3. Bad Juju armor reduction helps with amplifying the attack damage of Meepo and his clones.

Who counters Meepo mid?

Astral Spirit with Natural Order allows Elder Titan to easily kill any Meepo within a second, depending on how much damage he gains from Astral Spirit. Earth Splitter deals over 30%/40%/50% of each Meepo’s max hp, and is even stronger if the Meepos are near Elder Titan due to Natural Order.

What is macro DOTA?

Macro-control in Dota 2 is a slightly broader term that refers to all decisions made by a gamer globally. For example, go to the gank of a nearby lane or continue to farm. Or what items to buy for the character, focusing on the rivals’ heroes’ picks.