Is Saumensch a swear word?

Is Saumensch a swear word?

It seems to be debated, but some people say that Saumensch (Not Das Saumensch, but Saumensch on it’s own) is, in the Swabian dialect, a very derogatory swear word the equivalent to b*tch or female pig*. Saukerl is specifically for males, but is less sexual and more like “brute”.

What’s a Saumensch?

I understand that saumensch = female pig and saukerl = male pig.

What does Saurkel mean?

louse, cootie, greenfly, blackfly. Dreckskerl noun. louse, dirty swine.

What is a Schmunzeler?

to grin quietly to oneself [about sb / sth ]

What is the meaning of dummkopf?

a stupid person
a stupid person; dumbbell; blockhead.

What to words to Hitler’s trees symbolize in the word shaker?

In the Word Shaker Hitler used words, not guns, also it portrays Liesel having a tree of words, but they don’t really do anything until the tree falls, and the words spread. Words are like Liesel’s accordion, and she uses them to comfort people like in the bomb shelters and Frau Holtzapfel. Words even saved her life.

What does G Schtinkerdt mean?

G’schtinkerdt. DEFINITION: Lazy. EXAMPLE: “Too G’schtinkerdt to wash their own clothes”

What does Doom cuff mean?

The German word “dummkopf” (doom-cough) means “stupid head” in English and is used to describe an ignorant person. It is similar to the English word “numbskull.” Now let’s use it together in a sentence: “Only a dummkopf would miss the annual Oktoberfest celebration October 24-26 at Fort Benning’s Uchee Creek.”

What does it mean that when Liesel’s tree finally fell down it carved a different colored path through the forest?

People try to cut her tree down, but none succeed. When her friend arrives she climbs down the tree, which makes it fall over carving a path through the forest. This book represents how Liesel is making a difference using just words, and how she is carving a path for more people to understand the power of words.

What is the English translation of the German word Schmunzel who is the Schmunzeler?

chuckle, to Verb (chuckles; chuckled; chuckling)

Why is Alex Steiner punished?

The outside world is now coming after Hans and Alex Steiner. The Nazi Party is punishing them for their actions, Hans for giving bread to a Jew and Alex Steiner for refusing to give up Rudy.

Why does Mama come to Liesel’s class?

Mama comes to school to tell her that max is awake and to give her the you soldier which was Max’s favorite gift. Mama enters the classroom and yells at liesel about a lost hairbrush, then when liesel goes into the hall she tells her the good news.

What does saumensch mean in German?

Saumensch is a combination of the German words Sau and Mensch (= pig and human) so it’s some universal term for both woman and man (girl and boy). Saukerl is a bit harder to translate. It is a combination of the words Sau and Kerl (=pig and (male version of) guy). Then, is Saumensch a bad word?

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What’s the difference between sauerkl and saumensch?

Saumensch is a combination of the German words Sau and Mensch (= pig and human) so it’s some universal term for both woman and man (girl and boy). Saukerl is a bit harder to translate.

What does saumensch du dreckiges mean?

Beside above, what does Saumensch du Dreckiges? (Noun) A vulgar word from the German origin to describe a woman. Usage: “Saumensch, du dreckiges! You filthy pig!