Is STFX a Catholic school?

Is STFX a Catholic school?

St. Francis Xavier College was founded as Arichat College, a Roman Catholic Diocesan educational institution at Arichat, Nova Scotia, in 1853. Arichat College was moved to its present location in Antigonish, and established as St. Francis Xavier College in 1855.

How many students go to St francis Xavier?

5,127 (2011)St. Francis Xavier University / Total enrollment

What is StFX known for?

A primarily undergraduate university of about 5,000 students, located in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, StFX is known for its exceptional teaching and research, vibrant student life, close-knit community, and opportunities for faculty and students to make a difference locally and in communities across the globe.

How many international students go to StFX?

About 7% of StFX’s undergraduate population is from outside of the country. For the Schwartz School of Business that’s closer to 11-12%.

Is StFX a good school?

StFX recently ranked #1 in Canada in teaching students to think critically, helping students gain experience for employment, and #1 where professors know you by name. You’ll find hands-on research opportunities that rival (and often surpass) those found in larger schools.

Is StFX a party school?

St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia has been named Top Party School in Canada for 2020 by MacLean’s Magazine. The average Canadian student spent 4.7 hours partying per week last year, up from 3.0 hours in 2018.

How much does tuition cost at StFX?

In-state tuition 5,108 CAD, Out-of-state tuition 6,130 CAD, International tuition 6,391 CAD (2011 – 12)St. Francis Xavier University / Undergraduate tuition and fees

Is StFX hard to get into?

St. Francis Xavier University with an acceptance rate of 75% is a moderately selective institution to provide admission to international students. Programs at St.

What average do you need for StFX?

Aspiring students need to have at least 70% average marks in their previous school or college with 65% in each subject to apply for the university.

Is it hard to get into StFX?