Is the 338 Marlin Express discontinued?

Is the 338 Marlin Express discontinued?

338 Marlin Express is not yet available. The powder used in the Hornady loading is also not yet commercially available as of Feb ’09. This round was designed with an elastomer tip, so that the . 338 projectile would be safe for use in the tubular magazines of lever-action rifles.

Is the 338 federal discontinued?

338 Federal as of May 2019. Sako no longer offers rifles in . 338 Federal.

What is the range of a 444 Marlin?

about 200 yards
According to M. L. McPherson (editor, Cartridges of the World), “the 444 is fully capable against any species in North America” and describes its useful range as being out to about 200 yards (180 m). The typical . 444 Marlin fired from a rifle has more impact energy at 200 yards (180 m) than a .

Where can I buy 308 ammo for Marlin Express?

308 Marlin Express for sale with free shipping on bulk ammunition orders available only at Target Sports USA. We carry 308 Marlin Express ammo from top brand ammo manufacturers such as Federal, Remington, Winchester, Hornady, PMC and others.

What is the difference between 308 marlin and 308 Winchester?

308 Marlin Express is a rimmed version of the . 308 Winchester except the case is, according to my caliper, . 095 inch shorter in length. The shorter case has about 3.5 percent less capacity, but Hornady more than makes up for the difference by loading the same type of special propellant in the .

Does Marlin make a 308 lever action?

220 Swift to function in lever-action rifles. As introduced in Hornady’s LEVERevolution line of cartridges, it is the highest velocity production cartridge designed for lever action rifles with tubular magazines….

.308 Marlin Express
Manufacturer Hornady
Produced 2007
Parent case .307 Winchester

How big is a 338 Marlin Express cartridge?

The new cartridge, dubbed the. 338 Marlin Express, measures 2. 60 inches as factory loaded. The 1. 89-inch semi-rimmed case has a 25-degree shoulder, a base diameter of. 553. At. 30, the neck might seem a bit short of ideal by traditional handloading standards, but given limits imposed by the action, it’s surely long enough.

What kind of bullet does the Marlin Express have?

Based loosely on the .376 Steyr cartridge, the new .338 Marlin Express hull carries a new Hornady 200-grain Flex-Tip bullet. But the BLR, like Winchester’s Model 88 and the forgotten Sako Finnwolf, are not traditional lever actions. Their lockup is as strong as that of most bolt rifles.

Should I hunt elk with a 338 Marlin Express?

At this writing, I’m planning an elk hunt with the. 338 Marlin Express. The rifle is already in the rack-a standard Marlin 1895 with two-thirds magazine. Of stainless steel with a gray laminated stock, it does not wear a scope. I’ll be using a receiver sight. Oh, yes, the cartridge has enough reach to justify a scope.

Could the 308 Marlin Express be converted to A338 O’Connor type cartridge?

The 2007 introduction of the .308 Marlin Express, the result of a joint effort by Hornady and Marlin, brought forth a new case that could be adapted to a .338 O’Connor type cartridge. This possibility was brought to my attention by Guns and Shooting Online reader Jon Huffman.