Is the S7-400 obsolete?

Is the S7-400 obsolete?

The S7-300/400 systems will not be phased out before the year 2020. Thereafter the components of both systems will be available for another 10 years on a spare part basis.

What is difference between S7-400 and S7 1500?

The S7-1500 covers the ground occupied by the full S7-300 family, and extends into the S7-400 family arena. With the ability to hold up to 32 modules on the “main rack”, integrated motion control capability, and CPU speeds that hit 1 nanosecond bit-processing at the S7-1518 level, it is a powerful product family.

What is the difference between S7-300 and S7-400?

So there are differences in work memory, processor speed, number of communication links and I/O connectivity. First point, the S7-400 family is rack-based (Multi-pin backplane linking all modules, from power supply to I/Os) whereas the S7-300 is a bus-linked platform (a serial connector links all modules).

How do I reset my S7-400 PLC?

1-hold the MRES button for 11 second . 2- release it and hold it again for aproxx 1 second , then the led sould blink , then stopped .

Is a Siemens S7 200 obsolete?

As of October 1, 2017, the S7-200 product line will be discontinued after more than 18 years. We will continue to deliver spare parts and perform repairs for the subsequent 6 years, however, since these are discontinued products, availability of the items will be affected and there will be impacts in delivery times.

Is the S7 300 obsolete?

The CPUs listed below will be type discontinued as per October 01, 2004. After this date they will only be available on a spare part basis from our Spare Part Center.

What does SF mean on Siemens PLC?

system fault
The SF (system fault) LED active means that a fault has been located on the CPU hardware or software. When it appears along with a BFx fault, it often means that your program is trying to access data from one of the faulty remote modules on the communications network, so this data is not available to the CPU.

Which processor is used in Siemens PLC?

Thanks to numerous innovations, the CPUs of the SIMATIC S7-1500 PLC deliver the ultimate plus in productivity and efficiency. The hardware is extremely compact and certified to IP20 or IP65/67 standard.

What is the difference between S7-300 S7 1200 S7-1500?

The S7-1500 significantly increases performance over the S7-300 with a faster backplane bus, standard Profinet interface, and shorter reaction times. As a result, the updated Profinet interface provides greater reproducibility and precision in the nanoseconds timeframe.

What is the difference between S7-200 and S7-300?

S7-200 is usually used for small machines whereas S7-300 can be used to run a whole plant using ET stations.

What is SF and BF?

SF and BF are system fault and bus fault respectively. System fault has to do with hardware or program fault while bus fault has to do with communication fault.

What is DP in PLC?

The DP suffix refers to “Decentralized Periphery”, which is used to describe distributed I/O devices connected via a fast serial data link with a central controller. To contrast, a programmable logic controller (PLC) normally has its input/output channels arranged centrally.