Is there a point of no return in NieR?

Is there a point of no return in NieR?

Once you reach the save point on the roof of the Lost Shrine and attempt to open the doors to ride the elevator, the game will inform you that there is no turning back. That being said, if you take the elevator and get past the doves, you’ll encounter two more NPCs who ask you to return to the village.

How many eagle eggs do I need Nier Replicant?

10 Eagle Eggs Eagle Eggs are necessary for upgrading some of the best weapons in Nier Replicant, along for the side quest On the Wings of Eagles.

What is the strongest weapon in Nier Replicant?

Phoenix Spear
Phoenix Spear Phoenix set of weapons is by far the strongest one in both versions of Nier Replicant. The spear is especially strong and easily trumps many upgraded weapons except some heavy two-handed swords.

Are there missable weapons in NieR?

There are certain weapons you can’t miss, as multiple will be rewarded through the regular story. You’ll only have to worry about getting around 27 weapons by other means. On top of that, there are a few weapons that you can pick up during the story in specific locations.

Is NieR Replicant easy?

Nier Replicant is not a difficult game by any means and anyone who takes the time to do side quests will likely find themselves overleveled sooner rather than later. Due to this, it’s common to kill bosses before party members finish going through all their banter.

Does NieR Replicant have multiple endings?

There are four endings in NieR RepliCant and NieR Gestalt (NIER), five in its remake, each progressively showing the true ending. To get a full view of the story, all endings must be seen.

How rare are eagle eggs NieR?

This is a very rare spawn, and even when it spawns, you might get Broken Pottery instead. As a result, it might take you a few tries to get the eggs you want. Eagle Eggs are not a one-time occurrence as they respawn in this spot, so you can farm more than one from here providing that you have good luck with spawns.

Should I buy the lily leaf sword?

It is good to buy as a replacement for the Nameless Blade at the beginning of the game, if enough Gold has been acquired. The Nirvana Dagger also exists as a free alternative; access to the Lost Shrine, however, will remain unavailable until Yonah leaves the village during the storyline.

How do you get Kaine’s sword?

After watching Ending D, start a new game with a new name and play to the Aerie section of the game. Once the player defeats the final boss, players will need to select “Yes” to bring back their deleted save file. Boot up the save again and head over to Kaine’s Shack. Inside will be her sword waiting to be collected.

How hard is it to get all weapons NieR Replicant?

Purchasable Weapons Money might be hard to come by in Nier Replicant, but doing sidequests (especially in the second act of the main story) will get you a good chunk of change. You can also sell materials you collect from enemies, as long as you don’t need them for upgrading a weapon you want to use.

What is the point of no return Nier Replicant?

There is a point of no return in the story This is important for a few reasons: Once you start Part 2, all the quests from Part 1 can’t be completed and any weapons you haven’t already collected will disappear from the world.

Do choices matter Nier Replicant?

Your decision does not affect the story at all. Nier Replicant is a game with several different endings and a few choices that actually do matter, but you won’t have to make any dire decisions this early in the game. At this point, you’re still in Part 1 of Nier Replicant’s story.

Should I sell the eagle egg?

If you end up getting more Eagle Eggs than you can use, you can just sell them to a merchant for 4,800 gold each.

How many giant eggs do you need NieR?

Thought i’ld post this here in the hopes that it helps any unfortunate soul that bumps into the same, seemingly, impassable obstacle that is collecting 4 Giant Eggs for the trophy that you get for Upgrading all 30 Weapons.

How rare are eagle eggs Nier?

How many giant eggs do you need Nier?

What is the Broken Lens in Nier Replicant?

Throughout Nier Replicant there are plenty of questlines that require you to get ahold of certain raw materials to either progress or complete them. The Broken Lens is one such piece of scrap that you’re going to want to get your hands on as soon as you can.

Where is the elevator to the tower in Nier Automata?

It emerges from underground in Chapter 11 and is the final destination players will encounter in NieR:Automata. The Tower is available for access as both A2 and 9S . The elevator entrance to the Tower is located within the crater left behind after the Goliath attack that took place within the City Ruins.

How to master combat in Nier Replicant?

Combat is a major part of Nier Replicant, and in order to master combat you’ll need to make the most of many of the systems around it, like magic and the different attack methods you can deploy. However, once you find the best weapon for you, you’ll then want to focus down on upgrades to that particular implement of destruction.