Is there a RootsMagic 8?

Is there a RootsMagic 8?

RootsMagic 8 is also available in an updated, free edition named, “RootsMagic 8 Essentials”. RootsMagic Essentials is available for both Windows and macOS and contains many core features from the RootsMagic software. The two products are fully compatible with one another.

Which is better Family Tree Maker or legacy?

If you want to work together with other family members on the same tree, Family Tree Maker 2017 is the way to go. If you’re looking to create a webpage from your findings, Legacy 9 and RootsMagic 7 are your best choices. If you want to create amazing looking ancestral charts, Legacy 9 is your best bet.

Is Legacy owned by MyHeritage?

MyHeritage Acquires the Legacy Family Tree Software and Webinar Platform.

Will there be a Legacy Family Tree version 10?

We plan to release a new version of Legacy Family Tree software, Legacy Family Tree 10, together. Version 10 will include the optional capability to sync family trees to the MyHeritage website and allow users to make updates to their family trees on the Legacy software using the MyHeritage mobile app.

How much does legacy 9 cost?

Only $14.95! Hinting – Legacy 9 searches through billions of records from key websites – FindMyPast, FamilySearch, GenealogyBank, and MyHeritage. Stories – Preserve the stories of your ancestors or your own. The new Stories tool lets you record, organize and print multiple stories for any of your ancestors.

Does legacy sync with ancestry?

Yes. At, go to Trees > Create & Manage Trees > Manage Tree > Export Tree. This will create a GEDCOM file that can then be imported into Legacy using the import steps as listed at the following GEDCOM import guide.

How do I transfer RootsMagic to a new computer?

Moving RootsMagic Files from Old Computer to New Computer

  1. Step 1: Begin with installing RootsMagic software on your new computer or laptop.
  2. Step 2: Go to your old RootsMagic and open it up.
  3. Step 3: You need to retrieve that file from off the old computer’s desktop.

How do I add media to RootsMagic 8?

Highlight the fact you want to add a media item to, then click the media items button on the edit panel on the right side of the form. RootsMagic will display a list of all the media items for that fact. To add a new media item, click the “Add media” button.

What is the most current version of RootsMagic?


Original author(s) Bruce Buzbee
Stable release 8.1.0 / 1 November 2021
Operating system Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS
Type Genealogy software
License Freeware and Retail

What is the latest version of Legacy Family Tree?

Legacy 9.0
New Edition for Legacy 9.0 You will learn how to better utilize some of Legacy’s best features by shadowing the research process of professional genealogist and Legacy Family Tree developer, Geoff Rasmussen.

Is Legacy owned by ancestry?

(February 18, 2021) – and Ancestry today announced they have reached a definitive agreement for the sale of Ancestry subsidiary Adpay to Adpay is best known for its Memoriams™ platform, which enables funeral homes to conveniently publish obituaries in newspapers nationwide.

How do I download my tree from RootsMagic to Ancestry?

Select a Tree Name from the list of your trees and trees others have shared with you, then click on the Download Ancestry Tree button. You’ll be prompted to create a new RootsMagic file. After selecting the options you want for the file, click the OK button to download the tree and media.

What is the latest version of Legacy?

Legacy Family Tree

Legacy Family Tree Homepage
Original author(s) Ken McGinnis, Dave Berdan.
Stable release / March 30, 2022
Operating system Windows
Size 70MB

What is the difference between RootsMagic and legacy?

In Legacy, each detail can be sourced but in RootsMagic, all the details are treated as one and sources are applied to all details as a whole. This makes weighing and evaluating your research harder. It also makes those who are following your research look through many more files for specific details.

Is there a new version of RootsMagic 8?

RootsMagic just announced at RootsTech that is would be rolling out a new version, RootsMagic 8, in the very near future. It will be exciting to see what new improvements will come about with the version. What are the obstacles with the programs? RootsMagic is this truly is a great tool for beginner and intermediate users.

What can I do with the RootsMagic app?

The RootsMagic App for iOS and Android lets you view (but not edit) your RootsMagic files, so you can carry your family tree on your cellphone or tablet. RootsMagic 8 can create ancestor and descendant charts with customizable borders, fonts and colors. The hourglass chart shows both a person’s ancestors and descendants.

What is Legacy 9 and how does it work?

Legacy 9 is specifically designed to work with a variety of useful (and free) websites, including FamilySearch, FindMyPast, GenealogyBank, MyHeritage, and Find A Grave. It can search these sites for your ancestors automatically and give you hints on where to find more information.