Is there a season 2 of murder by the lake?

Is there a season 2 of murder by the lake?

Murder by the Lake Season 2 Episodes Streaming Online | Free Trial | The Roku Channel | Roku.

Where is killer by the lake set?

The series is filmed and set in the adjacent towns of Bregenz, Austria, and Lindau, Germany, which are both located on the southeastern shore of Lake Constance. Ten episodes have been broadcast as of April, 2020.

How many series of killer by the lake are there?

Killer by the Lake – All 4.

Where was fear by the lake filmed?

This is the third and final instalment of the ‘By The Lake’ trilogy set on the beautiful shoreline of Lake Annecy next to the city of the same name in south eastern France. It stars husband and wife detective team Lise and Clovis again, played by Julie De Bona and Lannick Gautry.

What is Clovis secret in killer by the lake?

Hart to Hart this isn’t. Clovis keeps a secret packet of fags in his car, along with a hidden phone with five missed messages on it. Lise is still haunted by the previous murder case, details of which keep emerging in flashback.

What comes after killer by the lake?

Creator Bruno Dega with the third ‘Lake’ series on All4/Walter Presents. After Vanished By The Lake and Killer By The Lake we now get Fear By The Lake, and All4/Walter Presents has announced the transmission date.

How many Walter Presents are there?

Current status: A total of 16 episodes have so far aired in Germany (up to 18 November 2021). Norskov (1 season/Season 2 only/6 episodes) – Denmark. “Brooding Danish drama in which a detective tries to clean up his home town’s drug problem”. Watch it here.

Does fear by the lake have a sequel?

After The Mystery of the Lake (released in 2015), The Lake Killer (2017) and Fear on the lake (early 2020), a season 4 has just been announced via Allociné. It will be called The Children of the Lake. Elephant Story is developing a sequel that will always be worn by the duo Lise Stocker / Clovis Bouvier.

What comes after Vanished By The Lake?

Three years after Vanished by the Lake, Lise and Clovis are now by another lake, in Annecy, and face the challenge of a new family life with their nine-month-old son Tom as the couple takes …

What comes after vanished by the lake?

What comes after fear by the lake?

What is Walter’s choice?

Walter’s Choice is a curated collection of award-winning international drama, hand-picked by Walter Iuzzolino, a TV connoisseur who has scoured the globe for compelling hits. Presented in their original languages with English subtitles. This collection is available to stream with PBS Passport.

Why is it called Walter Presents?

Walter Presents is a video on demand service of UK’s Channel 4, part of its All 4 online platform. Launched on 3 January 2016, it specialises in foreign language drama and comedy, with English subtitles. It is named after Walter Iuzzolino, who selects its content.

Do you have to pay for Walter Presents?

It is free to view and supported by advertisements. Walter Iuzzolino began reviewing potential content for the service two years before its launch, viewing 3,500 hours of television in all.

Who is Walter c4?

Each series is introduced by Walter Iuzzolino, the producer and passionate drama fan who partnered with Channel 4 to bring a wider array of television to different audiences. You can find Walter Presents dramas as boxsets on All4. Individual Walter Presents dramas are broadcast on Channel 4 as well.

How many Walter Presents series are there?

A total of 15 films have aired so far. Killer by the Lake (Le tueur du lac) (1 season/8 episodes) – France. “French crime drama following married cops Lise and Clovis as they hunt a serial killer”. Watch it here.

Will there be a season 3 of Nordic murders?

Walter Presents: ‘The Nordic Murders’ Season 3 will premiere on 13th May 2022 on More 4 at 9pm. The full boxset available is on Walter Presents via All 4 after transmission of first episode.

Is there a season 2 for The Nordic Murders?

Walter Presents: ‘The Nordic Murders’ season 2 will premiere on More4 at 9pm on 9th July 2021. The full boxset of season two will be available via Walter Presents on All 4 after the first episode airs.

Is there a season 3 Nordic murders?