Is there a trophy for completing God of War on hardest difficulty?

Is there a trophy for completing God of War on hardest difficulty?

Sadly, there is no trophy for completing the game on Give Me God of War mode.

Is there a god of war trophy for difficulty?

God of War’s trophies do not include any based on beating the game with a specific difficulty. Instead, you’ll have to do things like upgrading something to its max, play through the story, defeat a ton of enemies, and more for those coveted bronze, silver, gold, and ultimately platinum trophies.

Does difficulty affect trophies stranded deep?

There are no difficulty-specific trophies in Stranded Deep, so feel free to play on any difficulty you like.

Does judgment have a difficulty trophy?

This trophy is earned when you complete Chapter 13. Beat the main story on the highest difficulty. This trophy is awarded when you complete the main story on Legend difficulty.

Are there any missable achievements in God of War?

The best part about the achievements you can get in God of War on PC is that none of the achievements are missable. You can all acquire them on one playthrough.

Can you eat Kura fruit Stranded Deep?

Use. Kura, if eaten on cooking level 0, restores 2 bars of hunger and 1 bar of thirst; it will provide more food value the higher the cooking level is. The fruit itself cannot be cooked, but can be used to make gauze, which stops bleeding.

How do you get the seafarer trophy?

To unlock this achievement, you must go without sleeping on land for 10 consecutive nights. Despite what another solution says, you can sleep on a raft in the water. To do this, you will need a sleeping bag. The raft has to be far enough from an island that you’re in deep water.

Can you free roam in lost Judgement?

Upon loading a Premium Adventure save in Lost Judgment, players will find themselves back in the game in what is essentially free-roam mode. There’s no main objective here, and players are free to continue clearing side content (including getting Skateboarding Points) and filling out their skill tree.

How do I use ex surrender lost Judgement?

If you use EX Surrender, you realize it’s probably not the appropriate time to use your new abilities. Instead, you want to select Refute Her Claim. She will then explain that you are the only person that could be guilty, and she has a witness to prove it.

How hard is forbidden West platinum?

This is a fun and quick platinum that only requires ~50% game completion. You will have to beat the main story, most of the open world activities, find 1 of each type of collectible (not all of them), and play a few specific side quests tied to trophies (not all side quests).

Can you go to all 9 realms in God of War?

A post over on the PlayStation Blog confirmed the news, proudly stating that all nine realms will be present and correct at launch. “God of War Ragnarok will take you to the previously unreachable Vanaheim, Svartalfheim, and Asgard – as well as to new areas from locations featured in the last game,” the studio wrote.

Can you plant spoiled Kura Stranded Deep?

Notes. Kura will not spoil if left on the plant. Its spoiling cannot be prevented any other (known) way.

Can you plant Quwawa fruit Stranded Deep?

Description. Quwawa are yellow, pear-like fruits that can be picked off quwawa plants. They are found, but not guaranteed, on any kind of island. They will never regrow by themselves, but can be planted into a farming plot to produce an infinite amount of them.

What happens if you don’t sleep stranded deep?

Tired is a negative status effect acquired by not sleeping for 48 hours. If you become Tired, you cannot: Sprint. Achieve the Healthy status effect (even if you have sufficient food and water levels), thus cannot regenerate Health.

Do rations count as meat stranded deep?

Rations appear to contain some sort of meat, as eating exclusively rations will not achieve the “Vegetarian” Achievement. Rations will never spoil. If the player chooses normal difficulty with the life raft, 3 rations can be found in its storage.