Is ultrasound Registry Review good?

Is ultrasound Registry Review good?

This site was so helpful in my studying for the Physics exam. It was very easy to understand and made it less stressful to study. It was very user friendly and was easy to understand my mistakes by going back and reviewing the question with the correct answer. I would highly recommend this website.

What should I study for abdominal ARDMS?

ARDMS – Abdomen Specialty Examination

  • liver (16-24%)
  • kidneys and urinary tract (16-24%)
  • gallbladder and biliary tree (10-18%)
  • abdominal vascular (7-15%)
  • pancreas (6-14%)
  • scrotum (3-7%)
  • retroperitoneum (3-7%)
  • spleen (1-5%)

How many questions are on the ARDMS abdomen?

QUESTION FORMAT & DURATION The Abdomen (AB) examination is three hours, including a five-minute survey, and contains approximately 170 multiple-choice questions, which include hotspot questions.

How difficult is the ARDMS exam?

The certification tests are very difficult, with failure rates of 50 percent in some cases. Good planning and intense study are vital if one is to pass the test and receive ADRMS certification.

How many times can you take the Ardms exam?

You can take the 2 exams in any order, but to earn your credential, you must take your second exam and pass it within 5 years of passing the first exam. The ARDMS ® refers to this as the Five-Year Rule.

What is the abdomen ultrasound registry review course?

The Abdomen Ultrasound Registry Review Course provides a simplified breakdown of the necessary information for preparing for the ARDMS®exam. The online format offers access to the course from anywhere, at any time, from any computer. The detailed outline format provides the key points and facts in an easy to read presentation.

Will your practice tests help me with the abdomen registry?

I am convinced that your 4 practice tests helped me to succeed with the Abdomen registry. I will definitely use your materiel to study for my vascular exam. I could not have chosen better study materiel. I used you for the OB/Gyn and passed with flying colors. I used {another review product} recently for my abdomen and failed.

How do I prepare for the ARDMS abdomen ultrasound registry exam?

Prepare for success on the ARDMS Abdomen Ultrasound Registry Exam using the registry review courses and practice exams on our website. Study the abdominal ultrasound course with the 1000+ questions on the click to learn exam and then test yourself with our timed mock registries! Abdominal Ultrasound Registry Review Home Registry Preparation Abdomen

How many questions are on the abdominal ultrasound click to learn exam?

The Abdominal Ultrasound Click to Learn Exam contains over 1000 practice questions that assist in reinforcing the information necessary to pass the ARDMS® registry exam.   Each Abdominal Ultrasound Mock Registry Exam offers 170 challenging questions within a three hour time limit to simulate your registry experience.