Is Warface a fun game?

Is Warface a fun game?

Warface is a fun port of a first person shooter that came out in 2013 for PC. The game isn’t the most unique, but it’s fun nonetheless. The PvP and PvE options are fun and offer ways to fight alongside or against your fellow gamers. The game feels approachable even if you’re not the best at fps games.

What type of game is Warface?

first person shooter
Warface is a free-to-play class-based first person shooter, featuring fast paced action, team driven Co-op and Versus gameplay and immersive visuals powered by the CryENGINE 3 Game engine. Warface is a first person shooter game developed by Pixagon Games.

Can you turn off gore in Warface?

Unfortunately there is not a way to turn off the “gore” of the game.

Why is warface rated 16?

The Users are forbidden to use obscene language and insults and in all, without exception, channels or message types, they are forbidden to use the following: (without limitation) threats of violence or bodily harm, advertisement of drugs, pornographic materials or advertisement of any third-party resources that allow …

Does people still play Warface?

The worldwide Warface Player Count as of July 2021 is 1,914 (Approximately). 3. What is the Warface Player Count as of June 2021? The worldwide Warface Player Count as of June 2021 2,043 (Approximately).

Does Warface have a story mode?

Friday, September 18, 2020 — MY. GAMES and Whalekit today announced a new campaign mode for Warface: Global Operations. Mobile players can now immerse themselves in the shadowy missions, fierce firefights, and explosive crescendos of the Warface universe in an entirely new, story-driven raid set in Central Asia.

Can Warface be played offline?

Warface is now offline for an extended period of server downtime.

Is warface global operations offline?

Warface is now offline for an extended period of server downtime. We look forward to welcoming players back in-game and thank you for your contribution during this closed beta phase.

Is Warframe family friendly?

Parents of younger kids are right to be concerned about the constant violence and unmoderated in-game chat, but Warframe’s easy matchmaking and tons of content make it a solid choice for older teens and adult fans of sci-fi shooters.

Does warface have swearing?

Language – No profanity in game dialogue; in-game chat could contain strong/offensive language.

Is Warframe okay for kids?

With an ESRB Rating of Mature (M), it contains gore (which can be diminished in the in-game options), blood, weapon-related violence, requires a constant Internet connection, and online interactions which can contain inappropriate language.

How many active players are in Warface?


Month Avg. Players Peak Players
Last 30 Days 1,338.5 2,302
May 2022 1,418.9 2,555
April 2022 1,899.7 3,565
March 2022 1,986.1 4,005

How many active players does Warface have?