Is zotero better than RefWorks?

Is zotero better than RefWorks?

Both cover all major databases. RefWorks’ list is longer, but Zotero could be considered more robust since it isn’t necessarily limited to what’s on its compatibility list. As long as information looks like a citation, Zotero can grab it.

Do footnotes count in word count KCL?

The word length includes titles, text and quotations, diagrams, charts and tables, as well as footnotes, but does not include appendices or your bibliography.

How many words is a PHD thesis KCL?

100,000 words
However presented, the practical component must be accompanied by an adequate and approved form of retainable documentation, and the entire thesis, comprising textual and practice components, shall not exceed 100,000 words.

Can you use RefWorks without institution?

If you are not on-campus, you may need to enter an access code provided to you by your institution. You can then create an account using an email and password. To create a RefWorks Account from a unique link using an email and password: Click the link that your institution provided by email or on their website.

How do I get RefWorks?

Installing Reference Citation Manager (Mac)

  1. In Microsoft Word, select Insert > Add-ins > Get Add-ins.
  2. Search for RefWorks. RefWorks Citation Manager will be displayed.
  3. Once the Add-in is installed you will see RCM in the top menu bar of Word.
  4. Select the RCM tab and click the RCM button.
  5. Log into RefWorks.

Does first year count at KCL?

1st Year Doesn’t Count Towards The Final Degree.

What is a PhD upgrade?

An upgrade is an internal examination process that PhD students are required to go through around 9-18 months into their programme to demonstrate that their research to date matches the standards of a PhD programme. This may sound quite daunting.

Is a table of contents included in word count?

Items excluded from the word count are as follows: acknowledgements, tables of contents, a list of acronyms, a glossary, a list of tables, or figures.

Can I download RefWorks?

Installing Save to RefWorks Ensure that your browser’s favorites toolbar is currently visible in your browser. In RefWorks, select Tools > Tools. The Tools page appears. Select Install Save to RefWorks.

Is KCL prestigious?

One of the most prestigious faculties of its kind, it was ranked 6th in the UK (QS World University Subject Rankings 2019).

Can I upgrade my masters to PhD?

A master’s candidate may apply to upgrade his or her candidature to PhD candidature at any time before submitting his or her dissertation for examination for the master’s degree for which he or she has registered; once a submitted dissertation has been sent by the University to examiners, it may not be withdrawn, nor …