Should I learn R or SAS?

Should I learn R or SAS?

Globally, SAS is still the market leader in available corporate jobs. Most of the big organizations still work on SAS. R / Python, on the other hand are better options for start-ups and companies looking for cost efficiency. Also, number of jobs on R / Python have been reported to increase over last few years.

What can SAS do that R Cannot?

If customers need help with installation, troubleshooting or understanding features, they can get it quickly and easily. SAS also provides information about software updates, new features and releases. Because R is open-source, it does not provide customer service support.

Is R easier than SAS?

SAS is commercial software, so it needs a financial investment, whereas R is open source software, So, anyone can use it. SAS is the easiest tool to learn. So, people with limited knowledge of SQL can learn it easily; on the other hand, R programmers need to write tedious and lengthy codes.

Why is SAS superior?

The combination of superior data security and thoroughly tested algorithms makes SAS the preferred choice for data analytics services. When it comes to data analytics, SAS software is the first choice for most companies because the analytics provider offers high-quality services that other analytics firms cannot match.

Which is better SAS R or Python?

All big IT organizations choose SAS as their data analytics tools. As R is very good with heavy calculations, it is largely used by statisticians and researchers. Startups prefer Python over the other two due to its lightweight nature, large community, and deep learning capabilities.

Do companies still use R?

Yes, since R is widely used in different industries, many companies hire professionals with excellent knowledge and advanced skills in R programming, such as the ability to perform linear and non-linear modeling, conduct hypothesis testing, and be proficient in computational statistics methods.

Which is faster SAS or R?

4- SAS vs R: Data management On the other hand, SAS is much faster, safer, and better at handling large amounts of data because it has no such limitations.

Is SAS going away?

Although SAS is being phased out, it is going to be around for a lot longer, and probably stay around in some ways. I am a firm believer in education, not just for the work experience or accreditation, but also as a mental exercise. Learning is very important to a Data Scientist!

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