What are different cabinet door styles?

What are different cabinet door styles?

There are two areas to cabinet door styles. One, is the overlay which relates to how much of the cabinet frame is visible. Two, is the type which there are three main types; raised panel, recessed (flat) panel, and slab. All of these types have many various subtypes relating to style such as traditional or modern.

What are inset cabinet doors?

Inset Cabinet Doors are set into the cabinet frame and fit flush with the face of the cabinet when closed. Since the door is flat with the rest of the cabinet, a door pull or knob is needed to open the cabinet. With this type of door, the hinges can either be concealed or exposed.

What style are inset cabinets?

There are three standard inset cabinet door styles – shaker, raised and mission. Shaker style cabinet doors typically are made of 5 pieces, the solid door and 4 pieces connected together to create a box that is flush with inset cabinetry.

What is the difference between inset and overlay cabinet doors?

Full overlay cabinets have doors and drawers with extra-large fronts. These are designed to fully cover the face frame. Whereas the face frame is entirely visible on an inset cabinet, it is completely hidden on a full overlay cabinet.

Are inset cabinets popular?

White inset cabinets are super popular to create a charming or transitional look. Most cabinet lines that make inset cabinets offer customization such as beading and embellishments around the door panel. They also come in any stain, color, or finish you can dream of.

What kitchen cabinet doors are in style?

With clean, classic lines, Shaker is the most popular cabinet door style because it can work beautifully whether your aesthetic is modern, transitional, or traditional.

What type of cabinet doors are best?

For traditional cabinets, inset doors are the best option. Instead of resting in front of the cabinet frame, like overlay designs, inset doors sit flush to the frame and completely expose the face of the cabinet. This door type has been around for centuries and works well with traditional shaker cabinet styles.

What are Shaker doors?

Shaker doors feature simple square indents. Visually, they appear to have a flat frame the inset, leaving the middle completely flat and devoid of ornamentation. The edges are simple, square, and clean-lined.

What is a beaded inset cabinet?

Beaded Inset Cabinetry Beaded inset cabinets have an additional decorative detail on the face frame immediately surrounding the door or drawer. This detail is known as a bead, or a slight groove and rounded edge cut into the wood. The bead acts as a “frame within a frame” to outline your doors and drawers.

What is the trend for kitchen cabinets in 2020?

Dark Blue Cabinetry We have seen a rise in dark blue cabinetry throughout the last couple years and predict it will grow in popularity in 2020. Dark blue cabinets can be used as an accent color on an island, or they can be incorporated throughout.

What cabinets are in style 2021?

Two tones. Two-tone cabinets — the upper cabinets in one color, the lower cabinets in another — are a big trend for 2021. Adding an eye-catching touch to your kitchen, two-tone cabinets can come in infinite color combinations — including black and white or gray and white.

What is the most popular kitchen cabinet door?

Shaker-style cabinet door
The Shaker-style cabinet door is the most common door style in kitchens today. This five-piece flat-panel style has a frame made from four pieces and a single flat center panel for the fifth piece.

What are two basic types of cabinet doors?

The two basic types of cabinet doors are overlay and inset. Overlay doors can be used for both frameless and face frame cabinets, but inset doors can only be used with a face frame.

What are Thermofoil cabinets?

Thermofoil cabinets are the equivalent of vinyl siding on kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. Thermofoil is a non-porous coating for medium-density fiberboard (MDF), a sturdy alternative to solid wood.

How do I choose cabinet doors?

Here are some tips that will help in choosing the best cabinet styles for your kitchen.


What cabinet doors have the cleanest simplest look?

An angled or bullnosed (rounded) outside edge, angled inside edge and flat panel are easiest to clean because there are less crevices to trap dirt, and dust can’t settle easily on the vertical surfaces.

Which is better thermofoil or MDF?

Thermofoil fronts are a lot more stable to MDF being used as the core; however, because of the nature of how they are made, they can be susceptible to heat. Extended exposure to a heat source will result in the plastic material peeling away from the core and discoloring.

Which is better melamine or thermofoil?

Unlike melamine, thermofoil is non-porous, so water isn’t an issue—it can’t be absorbed. This same aspect means the material is also easy to clean, and has a low risk of stains.

Most Popular Cabinet Door Styles 2021

  • #1. Shaker Cabinet Doors. Shaker cabinet doors are as popular in 2021 as they were in 1821.
  • #2. Adobe Cabinet Doors.
  • #3. Glass Ready Cabinet Doors.
  • #4. Heritage Cabinet Doors.
  • #5. Revere Cabinet Doors.
  • #6. Aspen Cabinet Doors.

What color cabinets show the least dirt?

White cabinets evoke a clean and sanitary look, while creating a light and airy feel to your kitchen. White or light colored cabinets show dirt and grime more quickly than dark cabinets and require constant cleanup. This is something to consider, especially if you have a large family or small children.

How can I tell what type of cabinets I have?

Cabinet brands that belong to the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) will have a sticker on the back side of the sink door or side wall of the cabinet. On the sticker there should be a code or the cabinetry name in the middle of the label.

Are navy kitchens dated?

Navy Cabinets Will Stay Stylish for Years to Come Navy is one of those trends you won’t have to worry about. It’s a timeless color that has always been favored by interior designers. Using it as a cabinet shade ensures that your kitchen cabinets will go the distance.

Is Shaker going out of style?

Although white shaker doors will never go out of style, 2020 presents exciting new kitchen design trends. As a rule of thumb: aim for simple elements with a few colour bursts. If you follow kitchen ideas, they set the trend towards combining two colours in kitchen cabinets in 2020 to soar.

What are the different styles of cabinet doors?

Glass Front Kitchen Cabinet Doors.

  • Shaker Kitchen Cabinet Doors.
  • Slab Kitchen Cabinet Doors.
  • Louvered Kitchen Cabinet Doors.
  • Chicken Wire Front Kitchen Cabinet Doors.
  • Distressed Kitchen Cabinet Doors.
  • Raised Panel Kitchen Cabinet Doors.
  • Frameless Kitchen Cabinet Doors.
  • Disguised Kitchen Cabinet Doors.
  • Hammered Copper Kitchen Cabinet Doors.
  • How to choose kitchen cabinet doors?

    MDF profiled doors

  • MDF slab doors
  • Solid Wood profiled (flat panel or raised panel)
  • Wood veneer doors
  • Framed glass doors (aluminum framed cabinet doors with glass panels)
  • Accent doors (ie. Mullions,louvres,slats,custom profiles)
  • What can I use instead of kitchen cabinet doors?

    Wire Mesh or Screens. Screens or wire mesh have a number of applications in the home and around the yard.

  • Shutters. While they are often used as decoration on homes,shutters have a purpose,and that is to keep rain out of the windows and to protect the glass
  • Fabric.
  • Chalkboards.
  • Mirrors.
  • Open Shelving.
  • Windows.
  • What is the standard size of a cabinet door?

    Width- 12-36 inches. Standard width for a single or double door wall cabinet is generally available in widths from 9″ to 36″, we carry them in increments of 3″ (i.e., 9″, 12″, 15″). Likewise, how wide should kitchen cabinets be? The shallowest base cabinets are 12 inches deep (Usually a wall cabinet is used to achieve this depth).