What are good girl P names?

What are good girl P names?

Top 100 Baby Girl Names That Start With P

Penelope Paisley
Paige Payton
Presley Parker
Paris Paislee
Phoebe Phoenix

What is PO a nickname for?

The Old French nickname Po, meant peacock. It was a nickname given to people known for their florid manner and pride in their appearance. Nicknames were a broad and miscellaneous class of surnames, and were a type of hereditary surname.

Is Po a female name?

Welcome to SchoolMyKids complete list of Indian Baby Girl names collection starting with Po….Indian Baby Names for Girl That Starts with Po List.

Name Meaning Gender
Poojasri Poojinche Lakshmi Girl
Poojita Prayer Girl
Poojitha Worshipped Girl
Poomaalai Garland of Flowers Girl

What is the meaning of the name porus?

: a bodily pore or pit especially : one of the pits on the body of an insect connected with the sense organs — compare trichopore.

What is the name of P?

Boy Names Starting with “P”

Name Religion Meaning
Palak Hindu Eyelid
Palani Hindu
Palanisamy Hindu
Palash Hindu Tree

Can Po be a girls name?

Po- names are used more often as masculine names. Usage of these girl names was at its highest in the year 1990 (USAGE OF 0.05%) and is somewhat less today (USAGE 0.03%, ▼36%), with names like Polly becoming somewhat outmoded.

Which name is best for Boy Hindu from p?

If you are looking for the best possible Hindu Boy name with P for your child then you can take advantage of our website….Popular Hindu Boys Name Start with P.

Pushpendra Flower Hindu
Padman Lotus Hindu
Prabhas Lustrous Hindu
Palash A Flowering Hindu

Is poras Hindu name?

Poras is Hindu Boy name and meaning of this name is “Powerful, Porus”.