What are other meanings for cold?

What are other meanings for cold?

OTHER WORDS FOR cold 1 frigid, gelid, frozen, freezing. 4 indifferent, uninvolved, cool, unconcerned, imperturbable. 5 apathetic, unsympathetic, unfeeling, heartless, polite, formal, reserved, unfriendly, inimical, hostile.

What’s another word for very cold?

What is another word for extremely cold?

frigid freezing
frosty frozen
chill glacial
wintryUS bitter
chilly gelid

Can be very cold meaning?

If you’re searching for something, and someone tells you you’re “very cold,” it means you’re not very close to the prize.

What items are cold?

Things can also be conceptually cold such as a cold color….84 Cold Things.

Air Conditioning Alaska
Ice Cream Ice Cream Sandwich
Ice Cube Ice Rink
Ice Sheet Ice Shelf
Ice Storm Ice Water

What is very cold?

adjective. Something that is cold has a very low temperature or a lower temperature than is normal or acceptable. […] coldness uncountable noun. See full entry.

What are the example of cold?

Cold is defined as a contagious virus that causes you to have a stuffy nose and sometimes a sore throat and a fever. An example of a cold is an illness where you are sneezing and coughing and have a runny nose for a day or two as a result of a virus.

What is feeling cold?

Feeling cold is a perception of decreased body temperature or the feeling that your body is colder than usual. You can feel cold even when your temperature is normal or high, such as when you experience fever and chills.

What is the most cold thing?

This is the point when all motion of atoms that make up an object stop moving—a chilling 0 Kelvin or -459.67 Fahrenheit. Researchers have tried for decades to reach absolute zero, which is thought to be impossible to ever attain.

What type of word is cold?

Word Type. Cold can be a noun, an adjective or an adverb.

How do you say cold?

10 Expressions To Complain About Cold Weather

  1. It’s cold (as ice/f*ck/…) This is the typical expression to say you’re feeling cold.
  2. It’s nippy. This means “uncomfortably or unpleasantly cold”.
  3. There’s a nip in the air.
  4. It’s crisp.
  5. It’s brass monkey weather.
  6. It’s chilly.
  7. It’s freezing (cold)
  8. It’s frosty.

Is there anything colder than ice?

Liquid nitrogen is much colder than ice. Nitrogen is a chemical element in group 16 of the periodic table. This is a group that contains metals, nonmetals, and metalloids. Nitrogen is a nonmetal.

What means feeling cold?

feeling an uncomfortable lack of warmth; chilled: The skaters were cold. having a temperature lower than the normal temperature of the human body: cold hands. lacking in passion, emotion, enthusiasm, ardor, etc.; dispassionate: cold reason.

Why are things cold?

Cold things have low kinetic energy at the particle level whereby the random motion of their particles is relatively inactive. On Planet Earth, this is primarily associated with locations and time periods that lack the intense sunlight required to create warmth.

What is the coldest thing on earth?

This temperature is known as the Absolute Zero and has a magnitude of -273.15 degrees Celsius or 0 Kelvin. The coldest spot in our Solar System isn’t far away either.

What is cold in science?

Cold is the presence of low temperature, especially in the atmosphere. In common usage, cold is often a subjective perception. A lower bound to temperature is absolute zero, defined as 0.00 K on the Kelvin scale, an absolute thermodynamic temperature scale.

Is there a thing as cold?

Believe it or not, cold does not actually exist. What you’re experieincing when you experience cold, is the absence of heat. Temperature is the energy of clashing atoms. A cubic meter of deep space would make you freeze instantly due to the lack of atoms.

How is cold Not a thing?

The reason is that energy is always transferred from a body at higher temperature to a body at lower temperature and, as a result, there is no such thing as “cold” flowing from the ice to the drink.

What does it mean to know something cold?

Know it cold. To really understand something. I don’t have to study shit, I know it cold. by Agcdictionary January 13, 2016. Flag. Get the Know it cold neck gaiter and mug. Jul 8 Word of the Day.

What is it called to make something cold?

Cold urticaria (ur-tih-KAR-e-uh) is a skin reaction to cold that appears within minutes after cold exposure. Affected skin develops reddish, itchy welts (hives). People with cold urticaria experience widely different symptoms. Some have minor reactions to the cold, while others have severe reactions.

What does it mean to get cold?

cold an annoying and contagious illness that causes sniffling , sneezing , coughing , and other symptoms Mike couldn’t come to the party because he was sick in bed with a cold.

What does come in from the cold mean?

come in from the cold 1. Literally, to enter a place in order to warm one’s body (because it is cold outside). I know the kids are having fun building snowmen, but they need to come in from the cold before they get frostbite!