What are the attributes of option element?

What are the attributes of option element?


Attribute Value Description
disabled disabled Specifies that an option should be disabled
label text Specifies a shorter label for an option
selected selected Specifies that an option should be pre-selected when the page loads
value text Specifies the value to be sent to a server

Can we give ID to option tag?

You can use the id attribute to set the ID to the option tag and use this. value into the onchange callback with select element.

Is attribute an option tag?

HTML tag is used to define options in a dropdown list within or element….Tag-specific attributes:

Attribute Value Description
selected selected If it is set, then it will be selected by default in the list.
value text It specifies the data which is sent to the server.

How do I set default value in select option in SAP?

To assign default values to a selection criterion, you use the following syntax: SELECT-OPTIONS seltab FOR f DEFAULT g [TO h ]…. Default values g and h can be literals or field names. You can only use fields that contain a value when the program is started.

How do I give an option ID?

Which option is used to select a field?

A small box to the left of the field name column that is used to select field is. And the options are: Roar selector , column selector , table selector​

What is Option Select?

An option select is when you use two inputs or buttons at the same time to cover multiple outcomes. The game then decides which move your character performs based on what your opponent does. Fortunately for you, the game always chooses the optimal input.