What are the dimensions of a soccer field?

What are the dimensions of a soccer field?

The field of play should be 125m x 85m (136 x 93 yards), or a minimum of 120m x 80m (131 x 87 yards) and there must be a minimum of 1.5m of pitch beyond the marked playing area.

How big is a 5th grade soccer field?

Due to the small team size, the field (or pitch, as it’s also known) is relatively small at somewhere between 25-35 yards (23-32 meters) long and 15-25 yards (14-23 meters) wide….The recommended soccer field dimensions for U11 and U12 are:

Area of the Field Dimensions
Length of Field 70-80 yards (64-73 meters)

What is the size of a U10 soccer field?

US Youth Soccer Field Size Recommendations

Age Range Length of field (min to max) Width of Field (min to max)
U10 55-65 yards (50-59 meters) 35-45 yards (32-41 meters)
U11 70-80 yards (64-73 meters) 45-55 yards (41-50 meters)
U12 70-80 yards (64-73 meters) 45-55 yards (41-50 meters)

How long is a 11v11 field?

Age Group Field Size Goal Size
4v4 25-35 x 15-25 yards 4′ x 6′
7v7 55-65 x 35-45 yards 6′ x 18′
9v9 70-80 x 45-55 yards 6′ x 18′
11v11 80-120 x 55-75 yards 8′ x 24′

What is the size of a U12 soccer field?

What is the best formation in 8 V 8 soccer?

– No natural wingers, leaving gaps in wide areas. – At least one striker is required to either come wide or help out in defense in most situations. – If defenders do not move up with the play, the opponent may have lots of room to advance. – Overly reliant on central midfielders.

What are the measurements of a soccer field?

Total Playing Area. The total area of a soccer pitch is 100 meters long and 64 meters wide.

  • Center Circle. A 10-yard circle in the center of the field indicates the area where defenders are not allowed at the time of kick-off.
  • Goal Area.
  • Penalty Area.
  • Penalty Mark.
  • Midfield Line.
  • Corner Kick.
  • Goal.
  • What are the official youth soccer field dimensions?

    There are several ways you can look at the dimensions of the field. The length of a youth soccer field is between 25 and 80 yards (23m – 73m) long. The length of the field increases as the age of the players increases. A youth soccer field is between 15 yards and 55 yards (14m – 50m) wide.

    What are the dimensions of a professional soccer field?

    Field length: 100-130 yards

  • Field width: 50-100 yards
  • Center spot: 9 inches
  • Center circle: 10 yard radius
  • Goal area width: 20 yards
  • Goal area depth: 6 yards
  • Penalty area width: 44 yards
  • Penalty area depth: 18 yards
  • Goal width: 8 yards
  • Goal-line to penalty spot: 12 yards