What are the parts of a boom lift called?

What are the parts of a boom lift called?

The basic components of a boom lift are a platform or bucket with a long arm that is attached to a grounded base. The arm is controlled by a hydraulic lift system that allows it to extend out and up to carry people or materials to new heights.

What are aerial lifts called?

cherry picker
Boom lifts are another type of aerial work platforms and are known by many other names including cherry picker, man lift and basket crane. Boom lifts are very similar to scissor lifts; however, they can typically reach higher heights and are equipped to maneuver around obstacles.

What are the parts of a scissor lift?

Scissor Lift Parts / Components

  • Scissor Legs. The scissor legs are the crisscross array or pantograph configuration of fabricated metal struts that bridge the gap between the base and the platform.
  • Cylinders.
  • Base.

What are the main components of aerial work platform?

The main components of an aerial work platform include a base structure (typically a wheeled vehicle to move the MEWP or AWP into place), an extending structure with chassis, and a flat workspace with controls for the operator to control the lift.

What is aerial lift equipment?

An aerial lift is any vehicle-mounted work platform that can move vertically and/or horizontally. Some aerial lifts can even rotate around a vertical axis. Aerial lifts are used to lift workers to difficult work positions that aren’t able to be accessed by other equipment, even scissor lifts.

What is a jib on a lift?

What is a jib on a boom lift? “Jib” is a term used to describe the arm on an articulating boom lift. Jib booms include an additional articulation point that provides greater range of motion for the aerial platform.

What is a mine shaft headgear?

Mine headgear constructions support wheel mechanisms for suspending winding cables that transport workers and ore up and down deep level shafts. These strange anthropomorphic structures have become the iconic symbol for mining.

What does a head frame do?

A headframe (also known as a gallows frame, winding tower, hoist frame, pit frame, shafthead frame, headgear, headstock or poppethead) is the structural frame above an underground mine shaft so as to enable the hoisting of machinery, personnel, or materials.

What are aerial lifts used for?

Items to look for include: An aerial lift is any vehicle-mounted device used to elevate personnel, including: Extendable boom platforms, • Aerial ladders, • Articulating (jointed) boom platforms, • Vertical towers, and • Any combination of the above.

What does a headframe do?

What are the materials for headgear?

Materials that are used to make a mine shaft headgear Modern headframes are built out of steel, concrete or a combination of both. Timber headframes are no longer used in industrialized countries but are still used in developing nations.

What is a shaft headgear?

Is an aerial lift and scissor lift the same?

Per OSHA, a scissor lift is a mobile scaffold for which the platform only moves vertically. An aerial lift is any vehicle-mounted work platform that can move vertically and/or horizontally. Some aerial lifts can even rotate around a vertical axis.

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