What are the questions on the SAGE test?

What are the questions on the SAGE test?

Sample questions from the test:

  • How many nickels are in 60 cents?
  • You are buying $13.45 of groceries. How much change would you receive back from a $20 bill?
  • Write down the names of 12 different animals.
  • Draw a large face of a clock and place in the numbers. Position the hands for 10 minutes after 11 o’clock.

Can I take the sage test online?

The SAGE is difficult to administer online. However, a similar test, the MMSE can be administered online by persons with no special training.

Why can’t dementia patients draw a clock?

It takes thinking ability to turn “Draw a clock” into the act itself. Unfortunately for people with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, this thinking ability is compromised. Hearing an instruction and acting on it are difficult. It also takes planning, or an understanding of the steps involved.

What is a basic cognitive test?

A cognitive test checks for problems with your mental function (how your brain processes thoughts). The test involves answering simple questions and performing simple tests. The test is also called a cognitive screening test or cognitive assessment.

Can I give myself a dementia test?

A new test you can take at home may help detect early symptoms of the disease. The test, known as SAGE, can be taken online or downloaded and completed at your doctor’s office. The exam poses a series of questions involving identification of objects, math problems, and thinking tasks.

What is a simple dementia test?

Mini-Mental Status Examination (MMSE) This test is usually conducted by your doctor or specialist in their office and takes around 5 minutes to complete. The MMSE is the most common test for the screening of dementia. It assesses skills such as reading, writing, orientation and short-term memory.

Do people with dementia look at their watch often?

In fact, being able to read a clock face is often used as one of the tests that are carried out to diagnose dementia. People with dementia are also likely to forget what day it is or even what month or season it is, leading to confusion about where they need to be or what to wear.

Should you let a dementia patient sleep?

Up to half the people with dementia have difficulty with sleeping. Patients with dementia might be tired during the day, but not be able to sleep well at night. It is best to keep the same sleep/wake times and routine as before the dementia began.