What are the rules of Trivial Pursuit?

What are the rules of Trivial Pursuit?

Each player (or team) takes a track pawn and places it on the Start space. Play as normal, e.g. when you land on a colored space, you have to correctly answer a question from that category. The twist on the questions is that each category’s card contains questions about one topic within that category.

What are the categories in Trivial Pursuit 80s?

The original Trivial Pursuit featured 6,000 trivia questions on 1,000 cards, organized in six categories (History, Science and Nature, Geography, Sports and Leisure, Arts and Literature, and Entertainment).

What are the Trivial Pursuit categories?

The Classic Edition of this Trivial Pursuit Game is the same gameplay you know and love, only with a 1980’s retro appearance! Featuring classic gameplay and gameboard, this game contains 2,400 questions in 6 categories: Geography, Entertainment, History, Art and Literature, Science and Nature, and Sports and Leisure.

How many categories are there in Trivial Pursuit?

What are the different Trivial Pursuit games?

Trivial Pursuit Team (2009)

  • Trivial Pursuit Bet You Know It (2010)
  • Trivial Pursuit Master Edition I (2010)
  • Trivial Pursuit – The Rolling Stones (2010)
  • Trivial Pursuit – Disney For All (2011)
  • Trivial Pursuit – Classic Rock (2011, Master Game)
  • What are the six categories of Trivial Pursuit?

    What are the six categories of original Trivial Pursuit?

    Questions are split into six categories, with each one having its own color to readily identify itself; in the classic version of Trivial Pursuit, the Geography category is blue, Entertainment is pink, History is yellow, Arts & Literature is originally brown, later purple, Science & Nature is green, and Sports & …

    What are the categories in 20th anniversary Trivial Pursuit?

    The six new categories include *Global View, *The Written Word, *Sound & Screen, *Innovations, *News, *Game Time.

    What is the original Trivial Pursuit edition?

    What is the difference between Trivial Pursuit Classic and master?

    And, which one is better? Trivial Pursuit: Classic Edition comes with 2,400 questions and a retro-style game board. It is meant for 2-6 players from the age of 16. Trivial Pursuit: Master Edition is a little different, with 3,000 questions, additional image question cards, and an electronic timer.