What are Timeslips in law?

What are Timeslips in law?

Timeslips is one of the oldest timekeeping and billing software programs for law firms. It’s been used by lawyers for over 25 years. It makes it easy to capture more billable hours, accurately track expenses and bill your clients.

How much does Timeslips cost?

Depending on the features you and your team need, Sage Timeslips costs as little $47/month for powerful time-tracking, invoicing, and more. Learn how to get started free now.

Does Timeslips integrate with QuickBooks?

Linking your Timeslips and QuickBooks databases Once you have linked your Timeslips and QuickBooks databases, TAL Pro establishes the connection between your Timeslips and QuickBooks databases and prompts you to set up access rights.

How do you use Sage TimeSlips?

Sage Timeslips refers to time and expense entries as slips….For example, in a date field, you can type T or t to enter today’s date.

  1. Press the Tab key to move from field to field; press Shift+Tab to move backwards one field at a time.
  2. Tab into any Nickname field and type a few characters of the nickname you want to use.

Is timeslips a subscription product?

Timeslips offers a powerful and innovative feature set that can be found in no other product. Effective September 2020, Timeslips will be available as a subscription product only. As a preferred partner, TSR Consulting Services has the ability to order the perpetual product until September.

What is timeslips billing and time tracking software?

Sage Timeslips billing and time-tracking software is easy to start and use, improves every step of your billing cycle, and provides the reporting you need to succeed.

What is timeslips eCenter?

Sage Timeslips eCenter generates time slips over the web or a mobile device in real-time. You’ll serve your clients better by giving them direct access to review their accounts.

Is bill4time better than timeslips?

Unlike TimeSlips, Bill4Time allows you to manage your billing and invoicing on the go with no need for long-term contracts or commitments. Thousands of legal professionals gave Bill4Time 5 out of 5 stars because they’re able to focus on what matters most — the law.