What are white hots pellets?

What are white hots pellets?

White Hots are 50 Caliber, 50 grain pellet for muzzleloaders. This form makes for faster reloads with pre-formed charges that easily drop down the barrel and are easy to pack without the need for measures or funnels. White Hots are clean burning, so cleaning between shots is not required.

Can you use Triple 7 pellets?

Triple Seven 50/50 pellets are 50-caliber, 50-grain pellets designed for use in 50-caliber, in-line rifles. A single pellet may be used for target or small game and two pellets may be used to create the 100 gr. equivalent for big game. Easy clean-up, just like Triple Seven granular powder.

What is the difference between Pyrodex pellets and Triple 7 pellets?

150grains of triple 7 pellets is roughly equivalent to 150 of pyrodex. Some shooters even get higher velocities with pyrodex. This is only the case with pellets. Not loose powder.

How long do white hot pellets last?

all pellets go bad after a year or 2. They are in an unsealed container and that allows moisture to get to them. Loose powder is best. You can always shoot them just to get rid of them, but i certainly would start fresh.

How many Triple Seven pellets should I use?

Five (5) Pellets operate at slightly higher velocities (30—90 fps), depending on components that three (3) Triple Seven Pellets, but at slightly lower pressures. Wherever muzzleloader manufacturers recommend three (3) Triple Seven Pellets, four (4) or five (5) FireStar Pellets should be safe to use.

Do white hots burn clean?

IMR White Hots Pellets are clean burning, so cleaning between shots is not required. After shooting, a wet patch removes most of the residue and does not have a rotten egg smell or any other residual smell.

What is the least corrosive black powder substitute?

“Black MZ is a black powder replacement or substitute that mimics black powder performance, but has no sulfur and is [therefore] much less corrosive.”