What book is Hugo based on?

What book is Hugo based on?

The Invention of Hugo Cabret
Based on Brian Selznick’s 2007 book The Invention of Hugo Cabret, it tells the story of a boy who lives alone in the Gare Montparnasse railway station in Paris in the 1930s, only to become embroiled in a mystery surrounding his late father’s automaton and the pioneering filmmaker Georges Méliès.

What type of book is Hugo Cabret?

Children’s literatureGraphic novelHistorical Fiction
The Invention of Hugo Cabret/Genres

How is the Hugo movie different from book?

In the movie, Hugo convinces Isabelle to let him use the key to start the automaton. In the book, Hugo steals the key from Isabelle. In the book, both Hugo and Isabelle are injured. Hugo’s hand is slammed in a door, and Isabelle sprains her ankle when pulling the papers out of the compartment in the armoire.

How much of Hugo is true?

The character of Hugo is entirely fictional. Georges Méliès’s had two wives, first wife Eugénie, who was married to Méliès during the time he made films (and who died in 1913). And second Jeanne d’Alcy, they did not marry until 1925.

What does Hugo imply as a theme about film history?

Hugo gives flashbacks to early film innovations and spectatorship, and the way in which the story was brought to life signifies how new innovations are taking the spotlight and giving new profundity to the craft.

What reading level is Hugo Cabret?

The Invention of Hugo Cabret

Interest Level Reading Level ATOS
Grades 4 – 8 Grades 3 – 8 5.1

What is the point of Hugo?

Hugo is an orphan boy who works on the clocks and is trying to survive while hiding from the relentless yet clumsy and stupid Railway Inspector in the train station in Paris in the 1930’s. During these struggles Hugo gets interested and tangled in a mystery involving his Automaton left by his dead father.

How does Hugo end?

Although the automoton is broken once again, the fact that Hugo reintroduced Melies to his films and automoton is enough to reinspire Melies, so he adopts Hugo and returns to the public eye where his films are widely recognized and all who crossed paths with Hugo end up happy.

What does the Automaton symbolize in Hugo?

The automaton too plays such a role in Hugo’s life, becoming a central metaphor for understanding what it means to be human, particularly what it means to be a broken human being.

What is the message of the movie Hugo?

Hugo reflects on how living in a world of machines drives us to find our own personal purpose and place in the world. Although it is not what would be typically classified as science fiction, Martin Scorsese’s 2011 film Hugo uses a machine as its central metaphor to convey themes very intimate to humanity.

Is Hugo a children’s book?

Hugo is a unique hybrid–a picture book for older children, but also a graphic novel of sorts. The story is one of my personal favorites, and next to Goodnight Moon, it’s the book I’ve gifted most often to the young people in my life.

What age is Hugo Cabret for?

Ages 9-12.