What cassettes are compatible with Ultegra?

What cassettes are compatible with Ultegra?

Thus, an Ultegra (6800/8000) 11-speed chain can be used with a Dura-Ace (9000/9100) 11-speed cassette. Similarly, there is no need to match the level of the chain and cassette to the rest of the groupset, so a 105 (5800) 11-speed cassette can be used with a Dura-Ace (9000/9100) 11-speed groupset.

What is the biggest cassette for Ultegra?

The 11-34T is the biggest cassette that Shimano recommends for use with its road groupsets.

Can I use a 105 cassette with a Ultegra derailleur?

There’s no reason why you can’t use an Ultegra cassette with an otherwise 105 groupset, or vice versa. With both 105 and Ultegra, the largest sprocket you can officially use is a 34-tooth, although in truth you can go much larger than that; we have gear systems with 11-40 cassettes that work very happily.

Is Ultegra R8000 compatible with Shimano?

Worthy of note: the new R8000 components are all cross-compatible with the previous 6800 generation and just about any other Shimano 11-speed mechanical groupset. This means that if you’re on a recent 11-speed Shimano road groupset, you can mix and match many of the components reviewed here.

Are Ultegra brakes better than 105?

Conclusion. There is no longer any real technological difference between 105 and Ultegra, and the only real difference is that Ultegra is a lighter groupset.

Can I use a 11-speed cassette with a 10 speed derailleur?

No, that will not work. The shifts will not line up across the entire range, because an 11-speed cassette is not just a 10-speed cassette with an extra cog stuck on at the same spacing.

Is Ultegra better than Dura-Ace?

Even if you are a serious racer, the Ultegra is a great option. The Dura-Ace, however, is an incredible groupset. Its performance is unrivaled and, despite the cost, there is a reason it’s a go-to for pro racers. If a few grams of weight doesn’t matter to you, opt for the Ultegra.

What year is Ultegra R8000?

In 2017, the new series that had an all-new design appeared with the model number changed to R8000. In 2018, SHIMANO ULTEGRA RX for gravel road bikes was released.

Are Ultegra brakes good?

Ultegra’s disc brakes work very well. Lever throw is light and smooth, and power builds linearly. They modulate serviceably well but seem to be slightly biased for power at the cost of some feedback and modulation. SRAM and (especially) Campagnolo offer better balance.