What companies use Kinaxis?

What companies use Kinaxis?

Kinaxis provides supply-chain-management software on a subscription basis, primarily to large, multinational companies. Customers include Ford, Cisco, Qualcomm, and Avaya. They also provide related professional services to their customers.

Is Kinaxis a Canadian company?

Founded and headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, the origins of Kinaxis date back to 1984. The product that has evolved to support today’s RapidResponse┬« applications was first introduced in 1995 and now represents one of the fastest growing, and most innovative, Supply Chain Planning Systems in the marketplace.

How many companies use Kinaxis?

91 Companies that are using Kinaxis Demand Planning Software.

Is Kinaxis a good company?

Kinaxis is a great company to work for. Culture is amazing, people value the company and their job. By far the best job I have had.

How big is Kinaxis?

Kinaxis focuses on manufacturers with over $0.5 billion in revenue across seven vertical markets in select global regions, where there are still over 7,000 potential customers.

What is kinaxis rapid response?

Delivered as a set of configurable applications, Kinaxis RapidResponse is a supply chain management solution that helps large enterprises with planning. RapidResponse offers organizations the supply chain planning and analytics capabilities they need to manage multiple interconnected supply chain planning processes.

What is kinaxis RapidResponse?

How many employees does Kinaxis have?

Kinaxis has 1065 total employees and 1 sales reps that carry a quota. Kinaxis has 0 customers. Kinaxis has an annual churn rate of 0.00%. Kinaxis Inc is a Canada-based provider of software solutions for sales and operations planning (S&OP) and supply chain management.

How many employees does kinaxis have?

How much does a rapid response cost?

A: We at Rapid Response are eager to see any person who walks in our doors without insurance. The cost of a basic visit is set at an affordable $150.00.

How does Kinaxis work?

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Is Kinaxis cloud based?

Our single cloud-based platform, code base and data model let you synchronize all aspects of your supply chain for dynamic supply and demand balancing.

How is working at Kinaxis?

Kinaxis has a top quality product and allow the employees to work closely with customers. Provides outstanding opportunity for creativity. At the time the culture discouraged and penalized co-worker communications. From what I understand, this has be rectified.

What is rapid response tool?