What did Emily Thornberry say?

What did Emily Thornberry say?

In the week after the election, defeated Labour MP Caroline Flint appeared on Sophy Ridge on Sunday and accused Thornberry of saying that Brexit voters in Northern England were ‘stupid’.

What age is Emily Thornberry?

61 years (July 27, 1960)Emily Thornberry / Age

Does Emily Thornberry have a title?

Member of Parliament of the United Kingdom since 2005Emily Thornberry / Office

What party is Emily Thornberry?

Labour PartyEmily Thornberry / PartyThe Labour Party is a political party in the United Kingdom that has been described as an alliance of social democrats, democratic socialists and trade unionists. The Labour Party sits on the centre-left of the political spectrum. Wikipedia

Who is Angela rayners husband?

Mark RaynerAngela Rayner / Husband

Is Caroline Flint an MP?

Caroline Louise Flint (born 20 September 1961) is a British politician who served as Member of Parliament (MP) for Don Valley from 1997 to 2019.

Who is Caroline Flint married to?

Phil Colem. 2001
Saief Zammelm. 1987–1990
Caroline Flint/Spouse

Who is Sam Tarry married to?

Personal life. Tarry is married to paediatrician Dr. Julia Fozard; they have two sons. He is a supporter of Dagenham-based football club Dagenham and Redbridge FC.

Who is shadow deputy leader?

The current office-holder is Deputy Labour Leader Angela Rayner, who succeeded Emily Thornberry in April 2020.

Why did Caroline Flint resign?

Flint resigned after the Cabinet reshuffle of 5 June 2009 asserting that Gordon Brown was running a “two-tier government”, and believed that she had been treated as “female window dressing” though she had earlier professed her loyalty to the Prime Minister.

Do shadow cabinets get paid?

Although the salary and benefits paid from the public treasury to shadow ministers remain the same as for a backbencher—they have no executive responsibilities, unlike cabinet ministers—some opposition parties provide an additional stipend in addition to the salary they receive as legislators while many at least …

Why did Caroline Flint resign in 2009?

Why has Emily Thornberry resigned from the front bench?

Emily Thornberry has resigned from Labour’s front bench after sending a tweet during the Rochester and Strood by-election which was branded “snobby”. The shadow attorney general apologised for the message, which showed a terraced house with three England flags, and a white van parked outside.

What happened with Emily Thornberry and her tweet?

One tweeted picture saw Labour MP Emily Thornberry go from the shadow cabinet to the butt of a twitterstorm, jokes and resignation. Here’s how events unfolded, driven by social media. There was minimal description of the image in the tweet composed by Emily Thornberry, who had travelled to Rochester to campaign in the by-election.

Why did Thornberry resign from Shadow Cabinet?

Shortly after the polls closed in Rochester it was reported that Ms Thornberry had resigned from the shadow cabinet. Throughout Thursday she spoke twice to Labour leader Ed Miliband, who was said to be “furious” that the tweet had tripped Labour up on a day when the Tories’ loss to UKIP was supposed to dominate the news cycle.

What did Jack Dorsey say about Emily Thornberry and Twitter?

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey was asked on Friday if the events surrounding Emily Thornberry’s tweets made him frightened at the power of the medium he created. He answered: “I don’t think it’s any different from what we’ve been doing as a humanity – it’s just faster.”