What did John Rutter compose?

What did John Rutter compose?

Rutter’s compositions are chiefly choral, and include Christmas carols, anthems and extended works such as the Gloria, the Requiem and the Magnificat. The world premiere of Rutter’s Requiem (1985), and of his authoritative edition of Fauré’s Requiem, took place with the Fox Valley Festival Chorus, in Illinois.

What is John Rutter known for?

John Rutter, (born September 24, 1945, London, England), English composer known especially for his sacred choral works and for his founding of and long association with the choral group the Cambridge Singers.

Who founded the Cambridge Singers?

director John Rutter
The Cambridge Singers is an English mixed voice chamber choir formed in 1981 by their director John Rutter with the primary purpose of making recordings under their own label Collegium Records.

What nationality is John Rutter?

BritishJohn Rutter / Nationality

Who Wrote What Sweeter Music?

John Rutter
Richard Rodney Bennett
What Sweeter Music/Composers

Where are the Cambridge Singers from?

Omaha, England
Mixed Choral Chorus from Omaha, England. The Cambridge Singers are a mixed-voice chamber choir, formed in 1981 by their director John Rutter for the express purpose of making recordings.

What country is John Rutter from?

What music history is sweeter?

“What Sweeter Music” is a setting of a seventeenth-century carol-text by the English poet Robert Herrick (1591–1674) and the music was composed by Rutter for his friends and colleagues at King’s College of Cambridge University.

Is there a new recording by John Rutter and his Cambridge Singers?

Review: A new recording by John Rutter and his Cambridge Singers is always welcome, and this one features 20 works drawn from the sacred choral repertoire of the Renaissance and Baroque.

Who are the Cambridge Singers?

“When I formed the Cambridge Singers in the early 1980s as a professional mixed chamber choir with recording rather than public performance as its principal focus, the idea was a new one, and I never dreamed that we would still be recording – albeit with changing though still Cambridge-leaning membership – thirty years later.

What happened to the Cambridge Chapel Choir?

This transformed the whole nature of many Cambridge chapel choirs as more and more men’s colleges became mixed during the 1970s, and choirs such as Clare’s, which had been male-voice groups, were now mixed choirs with soaring female soprano sections, and alto sections no longer consisting just of counter-tenors.

Is this the first time John Rutter has recorded the Messiah?

Here is a fabulous new recording from world-renowned conductor and composer John Rutter. Remarkably, this is the first time Rutter has recorded the Messiah. Named on The Today Show as “the greatest living composer and conductor of choral music,” he is probably the most successful choral composer of his generation.