What did Red Sun Rising change their name to?

What did Red Sun Rising change their name to?

the Violent
Earlier this year, an anonymous new trio, the Violent, released a song called “Fly on the Wall.” The members were eventually revealed to be Mike Protich, Dave McGarry and Pat Gerasia — formerly of Red Sun Rising. Protich recently caught up with Loudwire Nights to explain the transition from one band to the next.

Who left Red Sun Rising?

Tyler Valendza
In 2014, the band signed with Razor & Tie records and released their album Polyester Zeal in August 2015 which debuted at number 11 on the Billboard Hard Rock album chart. In 2015, Tyler Valendza left the band and was replaced by Dave McGarry, who was first announced as the new guitarist in a Facebook post.

Where is Red Sun Rising from?

Akron, OHRed Sun Rising / Origin

Who is the lead singer of Red Sun Rising?

Mike Protich
On March 27, Mike Protich, the lead singer of Ohio hard rock band Red Sun Rising, writes on Twitter how much he just wants to play a show, any show — acoustic, full production, a cappella.

Did Four Year Strong break up?

“Everybody had something different to blame and different thoughts about why things went the way they did. Which is why, for lack of a better term, we broke up. We didn’t even have the conversation [about it].” In Some Way, Shape, Or Form was supposed to represent a turning point for Four Year Strong.

What do you understand by the red sun?

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Who is the lead singer of the band Violent?

Gordon James Gano (born June 7, 1963) is an American musician widely known as the singer, guitarist and songwriter of American folk punk band Violent Femmes….

Gordon Gano
Years active 1980–present
Labels Slash Records, Reprise, Elektra, Mushroom, Beyond, Yep Roc
Member of Violent Femmes

What happened to set your goals?

Set Your Goals announced later in the year that they would be entering the studio to begin recording their new album with Chad as well. On October 24, 2012, Ambrose announced on Facebook that he will be leaving the band after playing a final two shows in California. The second show was dismissed due to a band injury.

Why did Josh Lyford leave four year strong?

I guess the four members of the band stepped up and decided it was time to go in a different direction. And that direction didn’t include what I do so. I mean, I guess I’d prefer that over being dragged along for the next couple of records without really any place.

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Who Wrote gone daddy gone?

Gordon Gano
Willie Dixon
Gone Daddy Gone/Lyricists

Why did set your goals break up?

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How did four year strong get their name?

We named the band when we were a lot younger. A: I was probably about thirteen. D: I was like fifteen or sixteen – it’s actually a play off of a Get Up Kid lyric, that was Five Years Strong, we changed the number.

Is Four Year Strong still together?

Four Year Strong is an American pop punk band from Worcester, Massachusetts, formed in 2001….

Four Year Strong
Years active 2001–present
Labels Open Your Eyes Decaydance I Surrender Universal Motown Pure Noise
Website fouryearstrongmusic.com
Members Dan O’Connor Alan Day Jackson Massucco Joe Weiss