What did Robert McNamara do?

What did Robert McNamara do?

McNamara, in full Robert Strange McNamara, (born June 9, 1916, San Francisco, California, U.S.—died July 6, 2009, Washington, D.C.), U.S. secretary of defense from 1961 to 1968 who revamped Pentagon operations and who played a major role in the nation’s military involvement in the Vietnam War.

Where is Mcnamara buried?

Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VARobert McNamara / Place of burial

Who was Robert Mcnamara’s second wife?

Diana Masieri Byfieldm. 2004–2009
Margaret McNamaram. 1940–1981
Robert McNamara/Wife

Who is JFK buried next to?

John F. Kennedy is buried next to his wife, Jackie, and a daughter and son who died as infants. Two of JFK’s brothers are buried a few steps away.

Why did Kennedy pick McNamara?

In making the selection, Kennedy told reporters that he was selecting McNamara with the understanding that the Defense Department must be “so strong that it cannot merely defend the Nation in event of war but, rather, so strong that it can maintain the peace.” 3 Kennedy also confirmed that he was asking all his …

Did McNamara resign?

Robert S. McNamara announces that he will resign as Secretary of Defense and will become president of the World Bank.

What did Robert McNamara do after his wife died?

Mr. McNamara left the bank when he turned 65, after his wife died, and for a time he tried to unwind and get away, taking a 140-mile hike up to the 18,000-foot level of Mount Everest. But within two years, he began to speak out against the nuclear arms race.

Where are Robert McNamara’s children now?

The couple had two daughters and a son. The son Robert Craig McNamara, who as a student objected to the Vietnam War, is now a walnut and grape farmer in California. He is the owner of Sierra Orchards in Winters, California.

Who wrote the biography of Robert McNamara?

In 1993, Washington journalist Deborah Shapley published a 615-page biography of Robert McNamara titled Promise and Power: The Life and Times of Robert McNamara. Shapley concluded her book with these words: “For better and worse McNamara shaped much in today’s world – and imprisoned himself.

Who is Mrs McNamara?

Mrs. McNamara, who was 65 years old, was the wife of Robert S. McNamara, president of the World Bank. Mrs. McNamara developed the idea for the Reading Is Fundamental program while working as a volunteer teacher in 1966.