What do I need to take to a Finnish sauna?

What do I need to take to a Finnish sauna?

Finns prefer to take saunas completely naked, even among strangers. This is no big deal. Nudity is natural, and you shouldn’t be ashamed of your own body. Still, if you prefer to wear a swimsuit or towel, that’s your prerogative – and in some public saunas it is even required to do so.

What wood is used in Finnish saunas?

If birch wood is not available any other wood will do, but well dried birch wood is preferred because of its good quality and smell, and long lasting burn.

Is Finnish sauna healthy?

A 2015 study by Dr Jari Laukkanen investigating the association between frequent Finnish sauna bathing various cardiovascular issues found that Finnish sauna bathing significantly reduced the risk of sudden cardiac death, fatal cardiovascular and coronary heart disease, and all-cause mortality.

Why does every house in Finland have a sauna?

Saunas were also the place for purification rituals before marriage, and the bodies of the dead were washed and prepared for burial on the wooden benches. For many Finns the sauna was the holiest room in the house and the one most closely associated with their wellbeing.

Is it OK to be nude in sauna?

DON’T – be nervous about being naked Nudity might not be expected, anyway. Every sauna is different, so to maximize steam room etiquette, take a peek at what others are doing and follow suit (or birthday suit, as the case may be).

What wood is best inside a sauna?

Western Red Cedar
Western Red Cedar is our preferred wood of choice for sauna. Colorful in appearance with various hues, cedar is stable, but soft and resists warping under heat and humidity changes prevalent in a sauna.. Cedar also has a low density making it a good insulator, quick to heat and quick to cool down.

Are Finnish saunas unisex?

Some Finnish saunas are mixed-sex while others are not. In the case where saunas are mixed, bathers are required to wear swimming suits or towels, so don’t worry about being naked. Single-sex saunas have segregated spaces or designated hours for women and men, and in this case, you do wear your birthday suit.

What is the best wood to use inside a sauna?