What do the authors mean when they instruct readers to answer the so what or who cares questions?

What do the authors mean when they instruct readers to answer the so what or who cares questions?

Whereas the “who cares?” question asks you to identify an interested person or group, the “so what?” question asks you to link your argument to some larger matter that readers already deem important.

Why is it important to answer the so what who cares questions?

It is crucial that all writers confirm the “so what?” and” who cares?” upfront to make the reader aware of the significance of what you are talking about.

What is the book they say I say about?

The best-selling book on academic writing-in use at more than 1,500 schools. “They Say / I Say” identifies the key rhetorical moves in academic writing, showing students how to frame their arguments in the larger context of what others have said and providing templates to help them make those moves.

When was I say 4th edition published?

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ISBN-13: 2900393631677
Publisher: Norton, W. W. & Company, Inc.
Publication date: 06/11/2018
Edition description: Fourth Edition
Pages: 352

What is the purpose of the templates in they say I say?

Graff and Birkenstein’s templates may help you to have this conversation in a reader-‐friendly fashion, so that your thesis, supporting evidence, opposing evidence, and conclusion are clear. They Say / I Say discusses these templates more fully, and includes useful lists of them, especially in the end of the book.

What do the authors of the Say I say mean by they say?

The two experts say that good academic writing follows a simple design called “They Say, I Say.” A paper should begin with what others have already said about the subject, or “they say.” Then, student writers present their own opinions, or “I say.” A college paper should show the writer entering a debate among experts.

Which template can be used for indicating who cares?

Rather than assume that audiences will know why their claims matter, all writers need to answer the “so what?” and “who cares?” questions up front. To address “who cares?” questions in your own writing, we suggest using templates like the following: [ ] used to think [ ].

How do you answer the question so what?

You need to state, and make your argument, and then you need to tell your readers why that argument needs to be made, and what your research is contributing to your field: a critique, an innovation in theory or methodology, an additional empirical case that explains a current problem in a new way, and so on.

What is the importance of they say I say?

Although writing may require some degree of quiet and solitude, the ‘they say/I say’ model shows students that they can best develop their arguments not just by looking inward but by doing what they often do in a good conversation with friends and family—by listening carefully to what others are saying and engaging …

What is the they say I say method?

What do authors think is the cause of flat lifeless writing?

Disagreeing with others leads to controversy (which is what we want in this class). Making statements nobody can disagree with leads to “flat, lifeless writing and for writing that fails to answer the ‘so what? ‘ and ‘who cares’ questions” (9).

What are the authors urging you to do when you write an argument?

The authors believe that not only should you (the writer) express your ideas and beliefs but you should say what other says as well. The authors also state that the best way to respond to an argument is to agree or disagree simultaneously.

What are Graff and birkenstein views on the use of templates in academic writing?

Specifically, Graff and Birkenstein argue that the types of writing templates they offer provide guidelines on how to correctly utilize their advice to create a masterpiece.

What are Graff and Birkenstein views on the use of templates in academic writing?

What is a super So what?

In addition, you can include the main ideas from your topic sentences or include specific sentences if they are really powerful. Super So What: This is the so what for the whole essay. This is one thing that you want the reader to take away from reading your whole essay.

What is a so what moment?

When you find that “so what” moment, when suddenly all the pieces fall into place and you find your real subject, that’s the moment, as a writer, it all feels worthwhile. All our stories need shaping, honing, pruning. They need, in short, a “so what.”

What is the thesis of they say I say?

The “I say” thesis states your opinion on the issue you have presented in your “they say” thesis. You can agree, disagree, or partially agree and disagree. You can use a simple “I agree…” type structure, a “bit fancier” compound sentence structure or a “super fancy” subordinate clause structure.

What does it mean to repeat yourself but with a difference?

4) Repeating yourself, but with a difference – a move that involved repeating what you’ve said, but with. enough variation to avoid being redundant.

What is Graff and Birkenstein central idea?

What is the so what statement?

The ‘so-what? ‘ question is a hypothetical question that a reader will ask if they can’t see why your research and this paper is important. The reader is really asking: Why should I read on? Why should I care?