What do you say when gybing?

What do you say when gybing?

The helmsman now asks, “Is everyone ready to gybe?” Then they can say, “Yep, we’re ready.” Now the helmsman says, “Gybe ho” and kind of start your gybe.

What do you say before tack?

The helmsman will say ‘ready to tack’ or ‘ready about’. The crew prepare themselves by looking around the boat and responding ‘ready’. Just before tacking the helmsman will say ‘tacking’.

What does Lee Ho mean in sailing?

Interjection. lee-ho. (nautical) Used by the helm to announce that the vessel is tacking.

What does hard a’lee mean?

hard-a-lee. The situation of the tiller when it brings the rudder hard over to windward. Strictly speaking, it only relates to a tiller which extends forward from the rudder-head; now many extend aft, in which case the order remains the same, but the tiller and rudder are both brought over to windward.

What does gybe mean in sailing?

2 : to change a vessel’s course when sailing with the wind so that as the stern passes through the eye of the wind the boom swings to the opposite side. transitive verb. : to cause (a sail or vessel) to jibe this maneuver was bound to force her to jibe her mainsail from one side to the other— Jack London.

What does jive Ho mean in sailing?

“Bearing away” or “jibing” (similar to saying “helm’s a-lee” during a tack) indicates the helmsman is turning the boat (away from the wind) to start the jibe. “Jibe-ho” accompanies the start of the boom swing across the centerline.

Is it gybe or jibe?

A jibe (US) or gybe (Britain) is a sailing maneuver whereby a sailing vessel reaching downwind turns its stern through the wind, which then exerts its force from the opposite side of the vessel.

What is the mainsheet on a sailboat?

A mainsheet is a line connected to the boom which allows a sailor to control the speed of a boat. The jib sheet attaches to the clew of the jib, and controls it. The jib has a sheet on each side, only one of which (the leeward one) will be in use at one time.

What does jibe mean in slang?

being in agreement
1. The definition of jibe is slang for being in agreement. An example of jibe is when your opinion is in agreement with someone else’s opinion. verb.