What do you wear to The Walnut Room in Chicago?

What do you wear to The Walnut Room in Chicago?

Comfort is prioritized at The Walnut Room, where business casual is the name of the (dress code) game. There are many parking garages near The Walnut Room, and validation is available upon request.

Does The Walnut Room have a dress code?

Attire is Business Casual so join us during the week or on weekends.

Is the Christmas tree in the Walnut Room real?

For over five decades the Great Tree was a 45-foot real tree, hauled up the light well in the store, monitored by firefighters, and gloriously decorated by Field’s design staff. In the early 1960s, the store made the switch to an artificial tree.

When was the Walnut Room built?

The Walnut Room is the flagship restaurant of what is now Macy’s in downtown Chicago at State and Washington Streets. The building opened in 1907, and the Walnut Room existed from the start, though it was initially named the South Grill Room.

What do you wear to a 4 star restaurant?

Wear Your Fine Attire Business casual: Khakis and button-down collared shirts are acceptable for men. Ladies wear skirts or day dresses. Athletic shoes, flip-flops, shorts and T-shirts are not appropriate. Casual elegant: Elevate your look from a working professional to a more dressed-up dinner guest.

How long is the tree up on the Walnut Room Chicago?

Open November 6, 2021-January 9, 2022 The Walnut Room will serve patrons on a reservation-only basis while the 114th annual Great Tree serves as the centerpiece of the holiday season in downtown Chicago.

How tall is the Walnut Room Christmas tree?

The 45-foot-tall tree at the Walnut Room in Macy’s State Street store is back this year alongside other holiday decorations.

What was the first department store in Chicago?

Marshall Field & Company (commonly known as Marshall Field’s) was a high-end, upscale department store in Chicago, Illinois, founded in the 19th century that grew to become a large chain before being acquired by Macy’s, Inc in 2005….Marshall Field’s.

Industry Retailing
Subsidiaries The Crescent Frederick & Nelson Halle Bros.

What’s the average tip?

The standard tipping percentage for service is 15%, and service workers everywhere will be happy to know that even the states that tipped the worst on average still did so above the so-called “standard”.

Does a polo shirt count as smart casual?

Are polo shirts smart casual? Yep, polo shirts can definitely be considered smart casual if they’re not too colourful or have large prints and patterns on them. Both short and long sleeve polo shirts in single block colours such as navy, black or burgundy look great when paired with jeans or chinos.