What does couverture mean in English?

What does couverture mean in English?

Definition of couverture : chocolate containing considerable cocoa butter used especially for coating (as candy)

What is the meaning of au dessus in English?

adverb, preposition. above [preposition] in a higher position than. The picture was hanging above the fireplace. above [preposition] too good for.

What is texte in English?

Noun. texte m (plural textes) text (piece of writing) original, as opposed to translation. (telecommunications) text, SMS.

What is couverture chocolate used for?

Couverture is ideal for tempering and dipping, and this is where it really shines. Use it in any candy recipe where you want a coating with a deep chocolate flavor, a beautiful shine, and a healthy “snap” when you bite into the candy. Use it to make chocolate bars, cover truffles, or make clusters or barks.

What is the difference between dessus and dessous?

Dessous means “under it” / “underneath” / “below”… with a “ou” sound. It’s used just like Dessus. There’s nothing after it — no complement, no noun, nothing. Le lapin est sur le livre, la girafe est dessous.

Can you bake with couverture chocolate?

Couverture chocolate is formulated to contain a higher percentage of cocoa butter so that it melts and pours more smoothly. Chocolate professionals use it for dipping and coating truffles, moulding chocolates, and for garnishing. Couverture chocolate can work well in baking too.

What is the difference between Baker’s chocolate and regular chocolate?

In its pure form, baking chocolate is unsweetened chocolate aka chocolate liquor. It is 100% chocolate without any added sugar or flavors. It’s bitter and therefore used in recipes with added sugar. While “baking chocolate” is unsweetened chocolate, you can use other chocolate varieties in baking.

What is PTDR in French?

(Internet slang, text messaging) Initialism of pété de rire (literally “broken with laughter”)., approximately equivalent to English PMSL synonyms ▲ Synonyms: jrf, mdr.

What is the difference between Sous and au dessous de?

Al. “Au dessous de” is used for below whereas “sous” is used for under.