What does feeling superior mean?

What does feeling superior mean?

1 : situated higher up : higher in rank, importance, numbers, or quality. 2 : excellent of its kind : better a superior athlete. 3 : showing the feeling of being better or more important than others : arrogant a superior smirk.

Who is a lesser?

You can use lesser to refer to something or someone that is less important than other things or people of the same type. They pleaded guilty to lesser charges of criminal damage. He was feared by other, lesser, men. Synonyms: lower, slighter, secondary, subsidiary More Synonyms of lesser.

What causes feelings of inferiority?

Often, inferiority complexes are developed in childhood due to invalidating experiences or being raised in a family that influences you to feel lesser or not good enough. Since inferiority complexes are subconscious and lead to a wide range of negative thoughts, they manifest in people very differently.

What is morally inferior?

Definitions. Moral inferiority – The state of being where you and/or your partner know that you are. 1) More than likely will be the person to make a major mistake leading to a break up. (lying, cheating, disrespectful, inattentive, etc.)

What is social inferiority?

The ways in which a person, group or class feels inferior to another concern not only the respective frame- works within which inequality is reproduced, but also the social perceptions of self and others corresponding to the orders of social inequality.

How do you use inferior?

Joseph made sure that he was never palmed off with inferior stuff.

  1. I felt very inferior among all those academics.
  2. Her obvious popularity made me feel inferior.
  3. The cassettes were of inferior quality.
  4. I’m your inferior in manual dexterity.
  5. Nobody is inferior to you here.
  6. No inferior products should be allowed to pass.

Is superior a bad word?

Sometimes being superior can be perceived as a negative, as in the woman who acts superior to all of her friends, having a high opinion of herself just because she has millions of dollars in the bank after winning the lottery.

What is superior quality?

1 greater in quality, quantity, etc. 2 of high or extraordinary worth, merit, etc. 3 higher in rank or status. a superior tribunal. 4 displaying a conscious sense of being above or better than others; supercilious.

What does it mean to be subhuman?

less than human
Definition of subhuman (Entry 1 of 2) : less than human: such as. a : failing to attain the level (as of morality or intelligence) associated with normal human beings. b : unsuitable to or unfit for human beings subhuman living conditions.

Is morer a word?

MORER (adverb) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What is the sense of inferiority?

In psychology, an inferiority complex is an intense personal feeling of inadequacy, often resulting in the belief that one is in some way deficient, or inferior, to others.

What is a Russellian world?

Mavrodes asserts that in a Russellian world, morality and obligations cannot be deep. Since man ceases to exist beyond the grave, everything in the Russellian world is superficial when compared to a world in which there is religion and an afterlife.

What do cultural relativists claim?

Cultural relativism describes the simple fact that there are different cultures and each has different ways of behaving, thinking and feeling as its members learn such from the previous generation. There is an enormous amount of evidence to confirm this claim.

What are inferiority feelings?

Inferiority feelings (G., Minderwertigkeitsgefühl) are those universal human feelings of incompleteness, smallness, weakness, ignorance, and dependency included in our first experiences of ourselves in infancy and early childhood.

What is cultural inferiority?

Cultural cringe, in cultural studies and social anthropology, is an internalized inferiority complex that causes people in a country to dismiss their own culture as inferior to the cultures of other countries.

What is the opposite inferior?

Opposite of of lower quality. superior. exceptional. top. excellent.

What do you call a superior person?

conceited, egocentric, egoistic. (also egoistical), egotistic.