What does healing coin Do Dark Cloud 2?

What does healing coin Do Dark Cloud 2?

Uses 2% of your max HP with each hit to deal extra damage. Coin engraved with the symbol for “Growth.” Coin engraved with the symbol for “Curing.” Heals 1 HP every 5 seconds.

How do you get Claire in Dark Cloud 2?

She can be found in her room (in the house near Max’s house) or at the coffee shop in Palm Brinks. To recruit her, it is necessary to show her a photo of the Lafrescia Stem, which is seen at Rainbow Falls in Rainbow Butterfly Wood after growing the Lafrescia seed.

Is Dark Cloud 2 a dungeon crawler?

Dark Cloud 2 is a gargantuan, way over-ambitious dungeon crawler on PlayStation 2 that I probably spent 300 hours of my precious teenage years playing.

How many medals are there in Dark Cloud 2?

In terms of map size, the dungeons aren’t too big. As long as you know where you’re going, navigation shouldn’t be too much of an issue. The only floors with fishing medals are found in Rainbow Butterfly Wood, Starlight Canyon, and Ocean’s Roar Cave. There are only 23 medals for fishing.

How do you recruit Polly?

To get her to join, Max must run a delivery of 20 Crunchy Bread to Morton’s for a fondue party. But, according to Ferdinand, the cheese isn’t right and so the party is canceled. Rather than waste the bread, Polly gives it to Max and joins. She can be found in her bakery opposite Cedric’s workshop.

Is Dark Cloud good Reddit?

It is very much a dungeon-crawler with a really fun and interesting town-building aspect that goes along with each dungeon. The weapon upgrade system is amazing and I love every part of it, it has tons of depth and each of the two main characters has two main weapons, so it is fun building each of them up.

How many floors are in the Divine Beast Cave?

15 floors
There are 15 floors in Divine Beast Cave. To advance in the dungeon, a Gate key item called Dran’s Crest must be obtained from a randomly defeated enemy on each floor.

Where is Polly wasteland3?

To find Polly’s location in Wasteland 3, you’ll want to head towards the southern edge of the map, keeping to its center. Doing so, you’ll eventually reach The Bizarre, which acts as a base for the Monster Army. You’ll then want to explore The Bizarre’s exterior until you reach the Hopefuls tent.

Where is Polly dark cloud2?

She can be found in her bakery opposite Cedric’s workshop.

Who is milane dark cloud2?

Milane is a support character from Dark Chronicle. She is initially seen performing in Flotsam’s circus, although she doesn’t seem to side with him or his Clowns. Milane, as can be expected from someone in her capacity as a weapon shop owner, is something of a proud woman who takes pride in her weapons skill.