What does herbalism do in Mcmmo?

What does herbalism do in Mcmmo?

Herbalism is a skill in McMMO that governs the ability to harvest plants and crops excluding trees and other more structural occurences of plants.

How do you level up your AXE in Mcmmo?

As XP can only be gained from attacking naturally spawned mobs, the most efficient way to gain axes experience is by building a large dark room, guardian farm or a large pigman farm.

How do you use the tree feller in Mcmmo?

To use Tree Feller, right-click while holding an axe to ready your tool. With the tool ready, chop a block of wood or giant mushroom to activate the skill. Tree Feller only breaks blocks at the same height and higher than the block that is chopped, so cutting the middle of a tree will leave a stump.

What gives most mining XP McMMO?


  • End City blocks give high amounts of XP (200-250) and can be instantly mined with Haste II and Efficiency V. Wearing Elytra will prevent falling. Since End Cities can be very large, it is the fastest way to level Mining.
  • Mining Copper ore in Pointed Dripstone Biome will be efficient to gain xp.

Does McMMO cost money?

MCMMO has been a free and open source mod for years. Unfortunately, life happens and development slows while other things take priority. Despite being a prominent Bukkit plugin, very few donations and praise have come in over the years.

How do you level up your AXE in McMMO?

What does repair do in McMMO?

Using Repair You can repair items in Minecraft by Using the McMMO anvil (an iron block) and right-clicking it with the item you would like to repair in your hand. The higher the level, the more durability is restored.

How do you level up your McMMO in archery?

An iron golem farm is an excellent way to level up archery, with an added bonus of obtaining iron. However, when making one, be sure not to use an automated killing method, such as lava.

What is Max McMMO level?

McMMO level cap (Note: Skill can exceed their cap but they do NOT affect your abilities and benefits) Skill. Level Cap. Swords. 1250.

What is the max for McMMO?

Max Level: 100% chance at level 1000.

Is there a free version of McMMO?

Is McMMO still a thing?

McMMO Wiki is dedicated to McMMO, an open source plugin for the Minecraft multiplayer server mod Bukkit that is currently under development by Nossr50.